anyone baked an m10 yet?...... (they have now )

If so what colour did you get and have you any photo’s?

not especially relevant (I don’t even know what an M10 is!), but after decontaminating some mtb disk brake pads with a butane torch, you could always try with a torch on a part out of sight (head threads?). You might even be able to do a fade job if you have the nous and some good oven gloves :slight_smile:

Sorry, keygos m10, think 26650 c8 basically.

I say bake, it will actually be a blow lamp job, J)

Just curious if anyone’s already had a go, I hope it turns out like my c8 if I do decide to get jiggy with the blow lamp.

Ok, so curiosity got the better of me……

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I like it, I was also very very impressed with just how much blow lamp it actually took to do this, my c8 took about 15 minutes from start to cool enough to reassembly. This took about half an hour, all I need now is a u2 and e1320 driver to match up to the colour fade. :steve:

looks good! I wonder if the baking freenzy will start again now…… lol


I once took a flashlight out of the mail box then out of the package then it went directly into the over……… :bigsmile:

Love the fade, Gords! Looks awesome!! 8)

I do really like this light, good for work, fits the head strap you can see on the c8, so head lamp capable, long run time with the supplied keygos cells (not tried my inrs yet). Just a shame that with that decent pill and dense head, its not driven harder (about 2.5a measured).

+1, nicely done.

The M10 with charger and 2 Keygos 26650s was my first foray into flashaholism. Its still one of my favourite lights. Its one of the few that come with a decent lanyard too.

Nice colour job gords.

I’d love to be all smart, but on this light, the fade was easy, it really is an impressive heat sink when screwed together. The head took a good 8 minutes to change colour, and the tube did not change at all till the blow lamp moved to it, no worries with an led cooking cells here thanks.

The c8 it all changed pretty quick, I like it though, I’m very pleased, toni rolled her eyes, but then showed her mum, who’s reaction was “you should buy a load of them, do that then eBay them as custom lights” I like my mum in law… J)

That is a sweet mod! I love it. And it sure sounds like you have a nice mom in law there - maybe you should follow her advice. It sure does look good.

Interesting. Is that supposed to be HA III? (I was under the impression that hard anodizing doesn’t change color.)

I wonder how a UF-2100 would look like…So tempting J)

Not a huge fan of full baking but the fade I love!

Look like it came out more red then brown. Red-ish copper maybe?

Interested as well

The Uf 2100 turns a nice color.

Thanks for posting that edc! :slight_smile: It looks nice, kind of like antique bronze or dark red wine, How did you bake it, what temperature?

Blowtorch temperature. takes 5 mins. A heat gun will also work.

It’s definitely not ha3, just good old ha2, it was only $20 off eBay plus shipping with cells and charger. Copper is a good description of the colour, if you look at the c8 bezel, I believe that’s what colour you could get it to if you got everything hot enough.

Are there any tutorials on how to do it?

I’m dying to try it out. Will any light change into that awesome copper color?

Cheers! :beer:

Tutorial? Not sure. Basically, you need to have a light with ha2 anodizing (i believe ha3 won’t change colour). You need to be able to completely dissassemble the light, pill out, lense out, orings off, tailcap switch assembly out. It just needs to be the bare aluminum host.

Then you can either, warm up the oven, put the host in and watch for the change, I would guess start at 100 deg c, or as I have done, stand the host on a surface that won’t burn, fire up the blow lamp and start heating, I work my way around the light, then work my way up from the head to the tail cap. As edc says, a heatgun will probably do it too, I’m thinking of trying my oxy-propane micro set next to see if I can concentrate the heat more in one spot.

Once its cooled, reassemble the light, lubing the threads etc and jobs a good ’un. :bigsmile: