Anyone bought a Peak Flashlight?

I’m interested in one of their High CRI QTC offerings, leaning towards CR123 version with momentary switch in brass. I can’t find any other light either custom or factory standard that has:

- QTC or similar totally variable control

- High CRI (warm) but might be convinced to go Nichia 219 (think Oveready has peak lights in this)

- Momentary

  • Quality Build. Peak lights are handmade with care and get very good reviews.

I’m not a modder so can’t really… say mod a RRT-01 with a Nichia 219 which apparently has been done… also more importantly I believe QTC offers better battery efficiency than the electronic rotary of the RRT-01 and similar since its mechanical vs electronic (obviously at the cost of precise movement)


i was looking at this model quite a bit a while ago... very nice looking lights. from what i heard they are quite well liked by their owners

Yep, nice old school look there in a miniature size:)
That’s obviously the official site, but can also be bought at Welcome - (US only) and for some different options.

I haven’t bought a Peak flashlight but I did have a chance to handle the Logan CR123.
IIRC, it was gen2 QTC and output was not as smooth as I had hoped for.

The Peaks are good quality lights but the actual QTC is finicky.
You won’t get the smooth ramping of the RRT01.

Issues that I’ve read about:

  1. Not smooth ramping at times.
  2. QTC needs to be adjusted at times (kind of a hassle)
  3. When set at a specific level, output can change as QTC settles.
  4. Some have had battery crushing to get full output.

All the above might lead to frustrastion :wink:

QTC is much more efficient than magnetic ring but if you are using rechargeables than efficiency maybe not an issue.
As for modding the RRT01, it seems almost every other person here is a modder I’m sure you can find someone.
Also from personal experience, I know vinhnyugen54 and datiLED from CPF are great modders.

Thanks day, will look into that as well

I don't have any of their QTC lights but I have several others and I can recommend them strongly for both service and quality. You may want to look here for a larger selection of their lights.