Anyone bought from


Unfortunately, before I found this forum, I ordered some lights from

I have a tracking number from them, but the last update that is on the USPS tracking website shows that whatever they sent is still sitting in China somewhere.

So, I was wondering: Has anyone ordered stuff from them? I’m on the east coast U.S., so I was wondering how long it took to receive your order?


Not for awhile, but back in the day, I have. They are slow, slower, and slow boat from China. They will come through, but next time buy from : US Seller fast\_nkw=&\_armrs=1&\_from=&\_ipg=25&\_trksid=m194&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSRCHX:SRCH


Thanks. Do you remember, ballpark, was it like weeks? Or months? Did you literally mean a boat, i.e., they ship by surface (ocean)?

It’s frustrating, because I can see it on tracking, and it’s just been sitting there :(…


tracking is something you never should do with chinese vendors it's almost always meaningless .

Just order ..... and forget it

my guess is 21 days

start worrying at 37.... at 42 file a paypal dispute

What ever you do ..Don't begin to allow it to bother you in the's business as usual

Submarine, if I remember correctly :wink:

We have to just all learn, all of us in here have had the pain of waiting for a torch to show up. I posted one Ebay seller, redlog, who is quite fast, and I have bought from him for years. IS is a US seller, and member, an is very fast at shipping…

Just keep watching, I have found that sometimes it take a week or so, just to get out of sorting in China, then also, it can sit for days in Customs in San Francisco, or New Jersey, very frustrating, but usually up to a month for the slowest shippers…


That (not watching it too closely) is probably good advice, but I probably’ll have a hard time doing that ;)!!


They have always been fast for me. They even give the photos of the package with your name and address on it. They usually arrive in two weeks or so but since the Chinese New Year things have been slow.

But for FastTech, I agree with the comments above. They really are fast.

+1, I have done about 30 orders and usually it has taken about 1-3 weeks.

I bought a few random parts (not flashlight related) form them in the past. Takes about 3 weeks to arrive, no issues.

I bought in the past (last order 2 month ago) some products of this shop - sold 2032 and 2025 really cheap and some 18650, but the prices increase extremly.
Shipping take about 4 weeks (to Germany).


I got my order of lights last year and it took about 20 days. They are generally good communicators, but I fault them for not quality control checking my lights before sending, which I specifically asked them to. Lights arrived looking used and dinged. They refunded $5, but when the same happened several times, I decided to steer clear.



Well, the lights that I ordered finally arrived today. Total shipping time to east coast U.S. was 17 days.

I don’t know if I’m just unlucky or what, but I have to say the three lights that I got were C**P. They were like tin toys, not even close to the other cheapest lights that I’ve purchased from China, several of the SK68 clones. You can’t compare those to the ones I got today.

The build quality was horrible, very thin aluminum. The finish looked like it was painted on, and the lights were ultra dim (those here who want low lows should get some of these :)… JUST KIDDING! I wouldn’t give these lights to an enemy, and would be embarrassed to do that).

And all of that after waiting almost 2.6 weeks!

Sorry for a bit of a rant. I think that I must be a bit spoiled by the SK68 clones I have and the other lights that I’ve purchased from FastTech :)…


Biz as usual, don’t track it and let it run it’s course….

I have had 3 transactions with them, non-flashaholic stuff though.