Anyone Care to Make an MCPCB Dielectric Layer Removal Video How-To?

I've read a few of the methods some people have done it, like sanding the central solder pad until the metal core is exposed and then filling the void with solder, or just straight up drilling through it.

However high and low after searching I haven't seen anyone make a video of the actual process of removing. Getting Sinkpads or Noctigon's are the definite obvious choice, but being BLF minded I wanna get the most bang for buck. :beer:

djozz made a thread comparing MCPCBs with one of the cheapy copper boards' dielectric layer stripped with some pretty good results.

I done seven 16mm ’boards at once for my Fandyfire L3, & swore I’d never do it again after that….

Sorry - no video :stuck_out_tongue:

Its one of those 1-2 hours of work to save $1.50, not really worth it jobs

Worth the effort? Sure, 5 mins with an 'exacto' type blade for the copper boards, if you already have some lying around.

...if you don't have any lying around, buy some Noctigons / Maxtoch / Sinkpads instead....


Pictures courtesy of Djozz;

Impressive, i like, just make sure you have a very steady hand and don’t push hard on the exacto knife (they cut into flesh easily)

Thats the way I do it. Use sharp flathead screwdriver to scrap that grey layer off. Whole process takes me about 10-15 minutes usually

Thanks for the replies. Yeap buying Maxtochs/Sinkpads/Noctigons are the obvious thing to do, but unfortunately I have quite a few of the cheapy copper boards coming in soon, so its time to whip out the xacto knife :)

For the Al ones, you can drill a through-hole and fit a slightly larger copper wire on it. I think this was documented before somewhere here.

The few I have done have fiberglass glued to the board, no chance to cut it out and lift it off, hard as a rock. Cut the first layer and then a screwdriver to scrape it away.
I Have a few laiyng around and don´t want to throw them away so… Next time it will be only Noctigons.

I’m a tight-ass, but at $1.84 ea for XM / XP 16mm Noctigons, it ’aint that bad, lol. …especially when FT are charging $1.22 ea for the Clayton’s one.

LEDDNA has the cheapy copper for XM-L(2) 0.80 cents/ea. I haven't bought any standalone, but I've bought emitters that have been reflowed to them.

Or make your own -> Police Light Mod (pic heavy)
Something like this:

should work, right (blue=electrical insulation)?