Anyone done the T12 LED retrofit thing?

Kitchen fixture has three T12 tubes, with ancient magnetic ballasts. One of them will only illuminate and stay on after I twist/jiggle the tube, but won’t come on next time without repeating. I don’t know whether it’s the ballast or tombstones, but I don’t want to deal with it any longer.

In terms of LED retrofits, there are two main options: bypass/direct wire, or universal plug-and-play which work with or without ballasts in place.

The former would involve some rewiring work, but is simple and straightforward. The latter is easy, but there can be compatibility problems, and it keeps an old, power-sucking component in play.

I’m thinking direct wire, double-ended would be the best, but looking for experiences.

Also mildly annoyed that the retrofits I’ve come across seem to produce about 20% (or more) fewer lumens compared to the typical T12 tube.