Anyone else having trouble with

The CREE Product characterization tool just spins and spins. Never loads.

2 Windows PC’s, an Android tablet and a Linux PC all have the same problem.

It's working fine for me right now.

Win7 64-bit

Chrome w/Adblock active

I just tried it, it works fine, and i use it a few times a week

I’m not sure why it would not work for you, maybe you should try safe mode, no add ons

Do you have JavaScript or something else disabled?

It's always been horribly unreliable for me too. It will sometimes work for several selections, then freezes.

Now it just sits there.

I hate JAVA, but I have V7 update 65 64 bit installed in Win 7.
Whatever version in Android, and the same in Linux Mint 17.

Same problem in Chrome, Firefox and IE 11.

Worked last week. Now it doesn’t.

Why do companies use the worlds most insecure, often non functional, except for Adobe Flash,
browser extension in the world, when there are so many better options?

Thanks all. Guess I’ll do without until they fix it.
Nothing was changed here or I would look for the problem here.

Just installed V7 67 32 bit. Says it’s installed, BUT Java’s checker can’t find it.
Checked JAVA security settings. They are on the lowest setting with an exception for the CREE site.
That’s what I get for having a secure system.
Pretty sad when you have to chose between security and usability because companies won’t upgrade their websites. HTML5 anyone.

CREE just has to move into the 21st century.

I allow it to run, but it still fails. JAVA=POS
Thanks leaftye.
Chrome says Javascript is “Allowed” for all sites. Settings> Advanced> Content >JavaScript
Also checked Firefox and IE

Thanks for the ideas. Maybe I’ll find an old copy of Chrome and install it.
All I use that crappy browser for is automatic translation anyway.
Firefox and IE 11 have the same problem. Chrome, Firefox, CM browser, Dolphin, and the stock Android browser also have the same problem with the site and Firefox and Chrome in Linux.

All my OS’s and browsers are up to date which is probably causing the problem.
They all auto updated recently.
All new installs in these machines and I forgot to set auto update off like I usually do.
Been busy with the new GF .

CREE could just make an Excel download or even a XLS file which works on screen in a browser.
So much more compatible.

It's not Java because I have my Java disabled. It even works when I disable all the Chrome plugins except for the "Native Client" plugin.

Do you have JavaScript enabled? That must be enabled. If it's not, in Chrome on the right side of the address bar you'll see what looks like a scroll with a red X. You can click on it to create an exception that enables JavaScript.

I would think that if it were a client-side issue, it would either work or not work. But what I get here is that it updates after making a few selections and then freezes at random, usually right before displaying the data you were looking for in the first place.

My last post was to Down_South. I believe you two are having different problems. His problems looks to be easy to fix.

Comfy, you might have a more difficult fix. Maybe try disabling add ons, plug-ins, extensions, etc. Some might be causing conflicts that are screwing it up. Keep it as minimal as possible.

since I made my living with computers for many years and am considered “expert”
(no one really is anymore as they have become too complex)
my problems tend to be easy for me to solve (because I learned how to research problems when working with mainframes, not because I’m smarter than others) or nigh near impossible for anyone to solve.

That said, your suggestions were excellent and would have solved my problem 99% of the times someone had it and if you have any more ideas PLEASE send them my way.

There’s always that one person who’s seen the problem before and has the solution.
At least I know it’s JavaScript and not JAVA because of what you wrote and I thank you mightily for that.
Oh , by the way, it connects, says transferring data for about 15 seconds, which my network monitor confirms. then the “LOADING” circle just spins continuously. has JavaScript ads, which I can see, and it also shows Javascript enabled, but still just spins away.

Do you have anti virus/spyware software? That might be interfering.

I enabled the JavaScript console in Chrome and got this result.
GET\_dc=1407897027469 net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED ext-debug.js:5546 which shows where it’s failing.

(Loader.documentHead || document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0]).appendChild(script);

return script;

Since it’s failing in every browser I’ve tried and I don’t feel like learning another programming language, I’ll simply learn to live without the CREE tool.

That, or as I said, I’ll D/L an old version of chrome and just run it when I want to use the CREE tool.
I’ve got 8+ TB’s of storage on this machine so I’m not really worried about space.

Cree just emailed me what you were asking for. An Excel version of the web characterization tool. It's very nice. I'd offer to send you a copy, but I'll be offline for most of the day, so you can probably get it faster from Cree.