Anyone else seen this? WALLI video light: Two XM-L U2s, claimed 5600k, 92 CRI.

It's a 'WALLI' branded camera light using two XM-L U2 LEDs with an external li-ion battery pack. It looks very high quality build, with battery monitor, seperate switches, slightly frosted optics etc, but what gets me is that on all the sales websites it claims 92 CRI from XM-L U2 LEDs.

Surely this must be a mistake? But the fact that it's stated accross all sales outlets makes it seem as though it was thought through and designed as a selling point from the manufacturer..

Typical CRI for Cool White (5,000 K – 8,300 K CCT) is 65.

doubt the cri 92

I know, that's exactly what I thought. But it is specifically mentioned in the descriptions, so I'm trying to work out what they are basing that on.

According to the Cree website the XML (easy white version) is available with a high CRI. See here (half way through paragraph before features):

Edit: Sorry didn't look at the three links above. LEDs shown are not the easy whites however under the features on the Cree XML (normal ones) data sheet it has listed "Available in 80 CRI minimum, warm, neutral and cool white."

2000 lumens ? is that really equivalent to 200watt filament bulb ?

I thought that 100 watt filament is around 1750 lumens.

What are the 7 levels lighting control ? No variable dimmer ?

PWM driver, may cause banding on video cameras that have variable frame rates...Hmmm.

Beam angle 80 degrees? was the 2000 lumens measured with the frosted filter on it or without it,for a bright spotty beam with the optical lens ?

At 5600K, them leds exhibit blue tint, any warming CTO filter included to warm them up to 3200K for practical indoor video ?

If the diffuser AND the warming CTO are used together, will them 2000 lumens drop ?

At what distance were the lumen figures measured at ?

XM-L U2's with 92 CRI ????????

Wish they would use 3200K T3's instead, better color quality for serious video use.

A non PWM constant current driver with a variable potentiometer would have been nice.

Hi all, new member just came across this thread. Figured I could help ya out as you have helped me out with info!

XML EZW U2 bin is far to inefficient to give lumen output they state. 695lm out of chip @ 2A, 6V (max reccomended). It's usually a warm white bin as well lol.

So must be U2 XML well over 3amps if they are telling the truth, which I doubt. Should loose 100-200 lumens per side with those optics. Bit more frosting would help with shadows. With the heatsinks they have I highly doubt they can cool them sufficiently, real output degrade to perhaps 1300lm or less over warmup time. Dissipating 13-15w+ efficiently isn't easy with size and cost constraints. Unit looks okay, wonder what PWM frequency it is though, just don't expect 2000lm, you won't really see a huge difference anyway. Also the charger they include is not bad, I've used one for a while and traveled without hassle.

Colour temp will be blueish, cri is 65 for the cool whites - I have most of the various XML tints and bins for R&D, cools are all quite blueish or greeny to me, warm/neutrals I prefer if only one led is possible.

For video I've used 5000k 65cri cools, xpg and 4000k neutral xpg, preferred neutral, much more realistic, not canned tv tint. My XML film light will be built q1 this year with some cool mods to come :)

Aunty cree says:

• Cree maintains a tolerance of ± 7% on flux and power measurements and ± 2 on CRI measurements .
• Typical CRI for Cool White (5,000 K – 8,300 K CCT) is 65.
• Typical CRI for Neutral White (3,700 K – 5,000 K CCT) is 75.
• Typical CRI for Warm White (2,600 K – 3,700 K CCT) is 80.

High CRI is available for XML EZW in cool white, but not 92 cri, it's 80. They could be using them, however still can't remotely touch the output claims. And good luck obtaining or finding some of them, I'm having a nightmare trying to find warm white 90CRI for other designs.

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Welcome to the forum, 1215 ! Very nice first post.

All of my high-CRI builds have used XP-G so far. While the Neutral White XM-L has a couple of nice tint bins, the color shift is unacceptable for photo/video applications, IMO

Please feel free to share your findings - I would love to be able to acquire a 90+ CRI XM-L

XM-L Easy White looks different, WALLI uses classic cool white XM-L.