Anyone ever heard of a Samsung LED?

Found this on AliExpress, wondering if anyone has any experience with Samsung LED’s.

They make some nice mid-power LEDs. Never tried their high power ones though.
The LH351A can achieve 500lm, so the claim is not completely unrealistic at least. :wink:

Yea, not as common as Cree in flashlights but the 3535 (LH351A) is a good emitter, I believe its interchangeable with XP series Cree’s so they can be reflowed on Noctigon’s / sinkPAD’s.

Yep, same footprint.

DX sells some with a TIR:
the 2nd link it’s LG, according to description, but turned out to be the same emitter as Samsung.

>> please correct me if i’m wrong here! I don’t recall for sure…

The TIR of the 2nd one is very nice.
Never tried the emitters though, maybe i should, but the specs i found were not exiting, so…

Samsung uses Cree chips, 3535 is basically XP-G’s equivalent (or direct replacement) with typically nicer tint and lower price.

Thanks for the input guys.

I have one on the way so that I can have a closer look at this LED.

Think I will reflow the emitter onto a Noctigon like Cereal killer suggested and drop a BLFDD momentary driver in it to see what it can handle.

It’s a nice lil’ flashlight actually… :slight_smile:
But i have PP and no CC…

They’re good store with cheap price for yupard lights, I bought several Yupard lights from them already.
They usually are very cheaply built and some the fins and the edges are very sharp but interestingly most if not actually all the Yupard lights that I bought can be easily modified with simple resistor mod to bump up the out put a bit.

These lights are awesome for people on the budget or as gifts as they are bright enough and cheap :smiley:

It did seem like it had a lot to offer for 8.55 and being able to get it apart easily is a big selling point for me.
I look at a light more for it’s mod-ability. I’ve avoided side switches for a while but with the new BLF momentary drivers I’m ready to dive back in.

Which BLF momentary drivers?

Sorry, I shouldn’t have said BLF but the qlite driver, loaded with JonnyC’s STAR momentary firmware is what I was referring to.

Found another Samsung LED here in a C8

Wow. That looks like a bargain. Has anyone torn one of those apart? Might be a good project light?

It says XML-T6 on the side!