Anyone ever seen or used these?

I know it is probably a dumb thing to even look at these cheapies, but ya never know when ya might hit it lucky and find a good one. Does anyone know anything about these batteries or ever seen any test reviews on them?

The reviews on Amazon from your own link say they are 2000 - 2200 mAh. Not worth it.

I like the Japanese writing - “Ichiban Denki” or “#1 Electric”. I wouldn’t rate the chances if them actually being made in Japan as very high. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree they LOOK like cheapies, but just thought I would ask to see if anyone here actually ever had any, or knew anything about them.
I usually don’t put a lot of stock in the amazon reviews for the most part though. Learned that lesson when I first got the flashlight bug, as I bought 2 different lights that had really good reviews there, but when I got them they were pretty much junk.

Dulex creats (sic) life.

Bold statement, might even make sense if they had spelled it correctly!

Did they misspell durex? Lol