Anyone experienced with Eagle? I need help making a XM-L library file...

The title says everything... Once I figure out how to make one I plan on posting it up so anyone can use it and order their own PCBs. Here my attempt is, but I think (I know) I messed something up.

And thanks to PPTK for getting me this far. :)

Yup, it’s fubar’d! .003” drill holes will cost a whole bunch to laser drill… no connection to the center pad. LED schematic symbol is, well, not good.

Go the the Eagle LED library, there is an XPE in there. Use that as a starting point and mod it for the XML dimensions.

Thanks for that, I now have one that actually makes sense. :D

How exactly do I do a copper pour?

Also, here my updated library file is. I believe I did it correctly.

Ok I figured out the copper pour, but how do I define the center pad on my XM-L as ground so that the copper pour is connected to it?

Nevermind, I realized I had to use the name command and label all the vias as GND. Now I just need to figure out how to export it as a gerber file.

Ugh, I can't get it to export to gerber. However I do have it done. :D

Board file is here.

I’d use a lot fatter etches to the LEDs…

Who are you going to use to fab the boards?

PM me your email address, and I’ll forward you an email from OSHPARK on what they say to make Gerbers.

Also see: Get your PCBs made - DP

PM sent. :) I'm using seeedstudio, same place who made the stuff for me previously.

Damn... 289 failures when I ran the design rule check... Not a single thing was done correctly.

Ok, so I'm starting a brand new file.

Ok, I give up on this, somehow it is telling me everything, including my connections, are corrupted. :'(

Maybe, maybe not. You can get lots of clearance errors when doing things like putting drill holes into manually added copper rectangles, etc.

On my light analyzer board, I wound up doing the DRC then putting in the thermal vias around the high power connectors.

Would it be a horrible idea if I just sent in the order despite some conflicts, who knows they may be able to produce it?

It basically looks OK. One thing is the No Vector Font errors on that “Scaru” text. Text in the signal layers needs to be in a vector font. Select the text and change the type to VECTOR. Also, there are two SCARUS on top of each other on the blue layer. Delete one of them. Or put the text on the silk screens, not in etch.

Seeds design rule file says 12 mil min drill size, their web site says .3mm (11.8 mil). That’s causing the drill size errors.

Other than those, it looks like it might fly. The clearance and overlap errors seem to be due to the drilling into polygons, etc.

Ok, I fixed a few things, here the gerber file is.

I think I'm just going to order it and see how it comes out.

Not bad for a first run with Eagle. It’s been a long time (and a lot of versions) since I tinkered with it, but I don’t remember it being the most intuitive program :slight_smile:

1 ) The text on the top silk-screen is off the board - it will be cut off
2 ) Not sure if it was your intent or not, but the 4 emitters are not centered on the PCB - they’re shifted to the right quite a bit
3 ) No via’s for the thermal pads? Or maybe they’re in the design and you just didn’t export/create the NC-Drill file?

And change the name of the E$5 net to something meaningful…

I would also do the wiring to the left hand leds the same as the right hand ones (connections to the LED power pins) Run the connections vertically and don’t come into the LEDs via those little nubs. That tiny gap between the power etches and the LED pads is not a good thing.

Also, bring the etch into that E$5 pad in at an angle. It is currently forming a very acute angle with the hexagonal pad… that is known as an acid trap. Also, if you can, try to avoid right angle turns in an etch. Not as important these days, but it is good form.

1. I don't care. :P

2. Again, happy to hear that they exist at all.

3. Hmm... They are in my eagle design, but I guess they didn't get exported. I will try to figure it out.