Anyone get that strange feeling?

The other day I got had this strange feeling. I realized it was because I didn't have any pending orders of flashlight stuff that I was waiting for. Its a bad feeling. So I promptly ordered some more Trusftfire Flame 18650s. I noticed that I felt much better shortly after. As added security to make sure this wouldn't happen really soon again, I ordered 3 more sipik SK-68 clones today.

Why would you want to have 3 SK-68 clones?

Actually it will make 4. I just like them. For the price I am going to keep 3 for spares. Plus they work good during power outages for room lighting with the lens off.

haha...ok. I'd buy other lights as spare though....

hilarious, man. mwuahaha :D

i will be GLAD when i got all my stuff and have no further pending orders in transit.

I order something at least every other day for months. The mail man really hates me.

I hate it when I have nothing incoming..I don't know what it is about the wait but i'm addicted to in a store and getting instant gratification isn't as fun any more lol..i'm good ATM a dry and an h600 coming..8 batteries from Manafont and a charger and batteries from DD..when it all arrives i'll have to get something else going lol

The cool thing is since its all budget stuff so it doesn't hurt the wallet too bad.

I think the same, but in my case that moment NEVER arrives, I’m constantly buying, even thing I don’t really need (like much BLFers do) :slight_smile:

I've got 4 orders outstanding right now, and I'm expecting two of them to be delivered any day now. I'm expecting a couple of drivers, 3D glasses, and the orange tailcaps from DX (some hate the orange, I like them). I'm also expecting 16340 cells and both the Red and Green P60 dropins along with a WF-504b empty host from Manafont.

The 504b is for my XML since it looks like it will support tailstanding. That will free up my 502b body to play with the Red/Green dropins.

It is a weird feeling when I don't have any items on order/in transit. It makes every day feel like Christmas time having something to look forward to.

Yeah thats actually kind of the cool thing about ordering things from China, you never know when they will show up so its always a surprise!

Heck, I know people that spend $10-15 per day on Starbucks or cigarettes.

At least we can brighten up the world with our vice, and it doesn't give you caffeine jitters...

When I get in my car to go home, I'm wondering during the whole 25 minute ride; "will it be there when I get home?" Erik sent my C88 on Monday so I know it will be either today or tomorrow.

I get home, walk over to the maibox, pause for anticipatory enhancement, look around before inserting the key . . . open the aluminum door, it's dark so I feel around inside . . .there! . . . a slight lump under the Fidelity statement . . .yes! It's a key . . . a key that opens the large-items box underneath.

Insert that key, open that door. I recognize the writing . . . it's from Erik! It has some heft! Go inside. Wife sighs upon seeing yet another delivery. Says nothing.

Her silence is deafening.

Use one of her steak knives to open box - in retaliation.

Wrapped triple-thick in bubble-wrap, firmly taped in three places, I frantically tear off the tape.

Wife puts a Marie Callender's pasta whatever in the microwave, looks again at me. Walks past, silently.

Finally! I HAVE THE LIGHT! It's in my hand. I don't want to part with it. Thinking about taking it in the shower with me. Maybe, if the wife doesn't see me - she doesn't need to know how far I've slipped.


fantastic (true) story!!!

Thanks so much, made my day too :D


So glad to know its not just me!!! Or that I am not the only one who fears his wife might admit him to the loony bin if she knew just how much he thought about flashlights.

We are all in a way similar. Boys (Grown men ) needs retail therapy too!