Anyone got a Smallsun ZY-T13?

At that price I couldn’t resist! Anyone got one of these, and how is it?

Manafont squeaked it out the door before the holiday anyway.


Yes, I have several. Great light for the price after 3A resistor mod.

It’s cheaper on wallbuys :

Best thrower for the price.

Well, darn it… I just bought some more. Grrr!!!

They are a great light for the money!! I bought 2 of them from Manafont.

i got one off ebay. beats my stock led 2d mag in throw… working on making it a monster… hoping to get it above 100k lux. we shall see

That will be awesome!! Keep us posted… :slight_smile:

i have no lux meter, so its probably just a pipe dream lol
if it seems like it may be real high, i may see if a reliable member with a reliable meter would test it lol

I ordered one from Wallbuys for $13 and change but never got it. I ordered another during theirnnew years sale for $18 and got it. Nice light for the money but build quality is not great.

I wish it had last mode memory instead of always coming on in high but it’s not a big deal.

Still the best pure thrower is the MPP head from Solarforce. It’s better than anything else I have seen. Not as much power but if you are looking for the tightest beam with the least spill, I don’t know of a better light.

I ordered another from Tmart. No waiting! Found more info with a search-thanks all!


Did you have a tracking number for the one you didn’t get? What’s the Wallbuys excuse for your not getting it? (Did you have a tracking number for the one you did get?)

I’ve ordered in 2 so far!! Great light!! Going to try the resistor mod on one of them!! Also got the ZY-T08 from Fasttech!! Also a Dandy!!

What’s better : ZY-T13 or ZY-T08 : ?

Same reflector in both of them. Only real difference is battery arrangement and switch placement. If you like a thin cylindrical battery tube and a longer, plunger type light then go with the ZY-T13. If you like a stout, more solid feeling light with a compact body that you can fit into a jacket pocket then go with the ZY-T08. They can both be modded the same way for higher output and they perform equally well.

Since you are getting both you can tell us how they compare after you have them. I have both and I prefer the more compact T08 style of body. The T13 would make a better club for a security guard or personal defense.

ZY-T08 all the way!! It’s built like a Tank!!!

got mine in the mail today bought on 27/1/13 delivered 6/2/13 to AUS man that was fast i bought it from Wallbuys for $18,28 & i love it i dont know if mine is a lucky one but this one seems to be driven pretty hard & its more of a neutral white colour mate you will love yours i just bought the zy-t08 from fasttech so i gonna have to wait & see ??

Thank you! I had no clue that they are this similar.

i just bought another one from wallbuys for $18.28 this is a bargain of a light anyone who has not got one should buy one now for this price there is no excuse??

Got mine for $13 and change during Wallbuy's xmas sale. Very nice light at that price.

Did the 3A resistor mod and it outperforms my SR STL-V2!