Anyone got a zanflare T1 lantern?

I have those CL25R clone. I think it is better to leave the battery inside and charge with the supplied built-in USB charger? Any PWM for T1?

I see no pwm on the T1. At least my cell phone camera doesn’t see it like it does with other lights

I love the T1 so much, I ordered a second one!

Got it today. Neat little lantern. UI takes a bit getting used to.

Glad to see my unprotected button top cells work fine in it.

Also, when the light is on (either white or warm light), long press (2 seconds) of the red light button turns the light off without having to cycle through red light.

Let’s see if I can use this as a companion light next to the computer in the evening; I often feel it’s a bit on the dark side and I sure don’t mind a bit of warm white lumens. :sunglasses:
This is great, I’m stoked alright!

The supplied 2600 mAh cell has discharge capacity of 2671 mAh according to my Lii-500. Pleasantly surprised, but still, who knows what’s inside?

I bought one… I think wast the first… lol… but then I was so impressed I ordered a second one!

I think it is the best lantern on the market for the money! Also it can run off of usb power only with no battery which is a huge plus! I also tested the battery and it tested a little higher than advertised. The ability to set a custom tint is fantastic!

same here

It seems that the popularity of this lantern just exploded in a very short period of time. Quite interesting.

The Fenix CL25R lantern and clones can run off usb only as well. However, the CL25R can only run at about 25 or 30% power, where this Zanflare T1 can run at about 75% power using usb only. Most all flashlights with a usb port can run off usb power.

I was doubting you, so I took out my lux meter, and you are right.
Wonder why that is. The light pulls about 1A at 4V from a fresh 18650 cell. The USB port pulls about 1A at 5.22V.

does this lantern got parasitic drain? if yes how much it draw?

I am seeing about 0.17 mA. At this rate, a 3000 mAh cell would be discharged in approx. 2 years. I would definitely remove the cell before storing the lantern long term.

Good question.
I too would like to know.

I don’t know why that is. But it’s the same with every usb flashlight I’ve ever seen. Nothing scientific, just simple observation.

I can live with that!

If this lantern will run (75%) from USB , will it also run off a powerbank?
Suppose I gift this to someone who wouldn’t have any spare 18650 cells.

How do you think a simple lantern would tell the difference between a powerbank and any other USB source?
both are intended to be widely compatible in terms of the power interface, so it would be very strange if there were any reason to reject the power source unless it were faulty enough to be well outside acceptable USB voltages.

I had made that assumption as well, but I figure why not ask. I will assume the powerbank will then also provide some charge to the 18650 inside the lantern.

thanks for your answer, good thing i still got some 3000mAh panasonic battery

Any video(s) of the Zanflare T1 in action? Can’t find anything on YouTube.