Anyone have a LiFePo4 Charger Schematic?

I'm having a bit of trouble finding a suitable IC for charging a LiFePo4 battery from a 5v source (USB)

I thought I'd found the perfect thing - Linear Technology's LTC4098, but the bloody thing is only availlable in a QFN Package and I think I would rather pull my own teeth than try to deal with that.

Soooo....Does anyone know a suitable part or an alternate suggestion ?

What about Microchip MCP73123 ? It's cheap and simple solution. It's in small DFN package, I know, but I have soldered the same package with my old soldering gun.

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Thanks Petrb, I think I'll give it a shot with that one. At that price I'll pick up a couple in case of ham fisted soldering :P

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Searching for LiFePO4 chargers, I came across the same tech note mentioned above:

Design A Low-Cost Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Charger With MCP73123