Anyone have a Solarforce masterpiece pro 1 or pro 2

I was just wondering if anyone has the solarforce masterpiece pro 1 or pro 2. if so how is it?

im thinking about buying the pro1 and pro2 combo set for 109.00 but im not sure if there very good. i have a couple solarforce l2s and i love the quality of those.

any info will be great.

Those combo sets are really appealing but after they have intoduced M8 with XM-L led, I doubt I would go to another big gun. Pro-1 looks like a real thrower, while Pro-2 is the flooder version. I doubt I would need such throw or such flood claimed, but a well balanced reflector would be better (for me).

Sorry, a nonsense reply :)

I don't own one so i can't tell you anything about. It should be made pretty well and also work well. Apart from that if you tell us what are you gonna do with or what are the features you require we might be able to reccomend a cheaper alternative. If you're sold by the looks then buy it, there is little that can go wrong with one of those. Still you might wait for a owner to register on BLF to tell hes experience. There must be a owner of those reading BLF from time to time.

I own the Pro-1 and it is a fantastic thrower, you won't find any better for the money.

I used it last year as a spot light at a fireworks event to illuminate the MC who was around 40 metres away, was quite funny but worked amazingly well.

The Pro-1 will reach out to +140 metres easy.

There is some useful spill but it is all about throw and for that reason the light is a tad specialist, and so I don't have a need to pick it up often but it is great for focusing a strong amount of light down the end of the garden. The XP-G and XM-L emitters can't touch an XR-E emitter in terms of throw, their die size is just too large to direct a small hot spot very far.

Here is a shot I took at 180 metres, it appears brighter to the eye than what the video camera could capture:

It is a very impressive light.

Well basically im just looking for some really cool 18650 lights i like throwers alot and the solarforce lights seem to be well built.

I have the Masterpiece Pro-1 head on a solarforce L2. It throws like crazy, especially for the price. I Got mine with an L2P body for $60 shipped from solarforce sales. I put a 3-mode NB XML in the L2P. For some reason the MPP-1 is just fun, i find myself using it more than any other light. It actually has some usefull spill.

How many lux does a masterpiece pro1 with xm-l dropin produce? anyone have beamshots?


I would imagine the Uniquefire HS-802 would be the budget version? The MPP-1 does use a reflector rather than an aspheric right?

Mine hasn't come in yet.......its smo reflect..........

I purchased that exact package several months ago. The MPP-1 is a fantastic thrower and the voltage range is such that I can run it with 3 18650s, beam just seems to go forever. Fit an finsh on the MPP-1 is fantastic! I just wish I could find a SS bezel for it. The MPP-2 on the other hand was a little disappointing in the fact the voltage rang is a little weird 7.2 - 12V so no single cell battery run for i,t only double recharge or 4-123s. Fit and finish is not as good as the MPP-1, the threads are pitted and cut very dirty. It still assembles nicely but I am a little finicky when it comes to the way my lights are made. The L2X tube and switch were top notch and really make both heads shine!

MPP-1 About 30ft. to fence with Inspire 4g phone.

Overall excellent lights and a good buy. Recommended in my book. :)


Just saw this, just for info for the general masses. I have both the MPP-1 and Fandyfire STL-V6 XM-L. The Fandyfire can match the MPP-1 in throw, both are about the same on the lux meter and of the same reflector diameter. In addition to throw, you get more lumens as well. Not too bad for a fully current regulated XM-L @ 46 shipped with registered mail.

As tested by Ergotelis, the Olight M3X scored about 20% more lux vs his Fandyfire STL-V6, nearly 60k converted to 1m.