Anyone have any experience with this?

A nice toy to play with and mod….

Trustfire 18650

The charger is fragile and the batteries are probably the worst out there. I like the light though.

Chinese lumen inflation is at an all time high it seems.

I agree, charger and batteries will have to go. The light looks great though. I would imagine it is highly modifiable. Looks Like it would be a combo of flood and beam.I would estimate between 800-900 lumens.

I doubt it is fully driven. Maybe 800-900 lumens with a new driver.

A good host no doubt… :wink:

Yeah, I like the side switch. Did you buy it?

Yeah I did, I liked the side switch as well. I don’t really have a flood torch as I love throw. I figured I have to start somewhere and I wanted something I can fool around with.

Just do yourself a favor and don't use those batteries.

Lose the batteries and charger and lower the price to <$14 and they'd have a nice deal on their hands. I just wish the head was larger (60mm+) and it'd be a great light with that side switch.

This is almost the same like the skyray A0 clone, but with side switch, so it should be a good thrower.

Another ebay scammer.
Having all his feedback form dollar beads suddenly sells hundreds of T6 flashlights+chargers+batteries.
Reported to ebay, ignored as usual.
When will you learn.

btw I wonder - can I make some sticky thread where I would put list of ebay flashlight scammers?
I’d include sellers that placard CREE and send GENERIC
seems like its needed

maybe you are right, same scam strategy as by breeze

The purpose for this torch is to play around with. I’ll be surprised if it even comes with an XM-L. My tools are ready to mod this host. I will most certainly report back once received and let you all know on how it performs as is. Batts and charger are going straight to the curb.

you will not receive it