anyone have the Eagletac MX25L3C Nichia?

Hello. Anyone have this light. Really interested here, the prices are down. Appreciate all feedback on this light, tint, twisty UI, etc. Thanks.

Really liking the new 2 button UI on the new Eagletac offerings. In my opinion, that twisty UI is ok on smaller lights, but not the soda can style.

I am interested also, but it does not seem others are…

The light is great, the two button version currently offered would be better.
The twisty interface does not float everybody’s boat, but I don’t think it is any worse than the magnetic ring on my Sunwayman M25C Ti.
Cleaning the contacts on the ET can be an issue with time, but you get 1800 HiCri rosey white lumens for under 4 1/2 cents each,
or a bit over 13 bucks for each functioning 219B sw45 putting out 300 ANSI lumens each.

**BTW:…for those preferring 6 CREE XP-G2s putting out 2400 ANSI lumens instead, Amazon shows the Eagtac MX25L3C in CREE’s 6500K. flavor for only $10 more than GG’s Nichia flavor. There are 12 in stock at the moment.
GG sold all their CREE versions almost a year ago, but still show it on their Clearance page.