Anyone have this light?

Anyone have this light? Just ordered one from manafont. How many lumens do u all think it puts out?

Ok that’s it. Small Sun is the reigning king of low cost cloned lights.

I think there was talk about it here - search it.

I think its XPE emmiter inside.

I don’t have this light myself, but my best guess based on the blurry picture of that LED is that it’s a Cree XP-E. Depending on the brightness bin and how it’s driven it will probably put out somewhere between 150 and 250 lumens.

+1 Seems they have been very busy lately.

For $10 that is an awesome host! Love the looks and design. Wondering what the pill looks like.

For 10$, I could give this a go even with a lesser emitter…

For $10 I am in for 1 .

I paid for it a few weeks ago and waiting. I ordered the small sun T13 clone along with this one and it arrived separately, im guessing this one should be here any day now.

The T13 or SYWM TC40 clone is great medium size thrower. Im holding off on any mods for
now. In a few weeks perhaps a 3.5amp driver and this $24 thrower should
run with some of the bigger lights… I hope the R13 is as good or close

Another nice-looking torch; my wallet says that I need to stay away from this forum.