Anyone have this? Nico Nature CERR U2

I bought a D80 BLF light and love it. I think it’s very well made.

This looks like it’s got a bigger reflector though.

I’d swap the emitter and driver on it.

Anyone out there buy this light?


Should I buy it?

It’s a nice light. Kinda like a C8.
If your looking a light like that a Convoy C8 is good choice as well.

You’re 100% right. I’ve got plenty of Convoy C8’s though. They are amazing lights, and I cant think of any better value for a really high quality light.

I’m looking for something else that’ll pretty much do the same exact thing. so that I can waste more money on it, then put on my shelf with all my other lights, and have my wife complain that I have too many flashlights. Yet when she goes outside at night to put the chickens away because she forgot to lock them up before dark, there is always a light powerful enough to blind a fox at 1000 yards just waiting for her.

Ok, I got off on some crazy tangent there.

Convoy C8’s are good!!!

I think you should get so you can tell us about how nice it is and then I can justify buying it :smiley:


I also ordered this one:

That one kind of resembles a Convoy M2…interested in your assessment of the quality after you receive your lights.

I didn’t even realize that. You’re right, It sure does look like an M2.

I did the priority direct shipping, which the last few times has come pretty quickly.

I’ll post some photos when they come.

Please do post internal photos when you get them, both look like good lights from the outside!