Anyone Heard of the Small Sun ZY-T20?

I was browsing for new flashlights when I saw this at WallBuys:—9594

It instantly got my attention especially when I saw the specs: :open_mouth:

I’m currently interested in throwers and now in the process of perfecting the resistor mod of my SupBeam K40 & Small Sun ZY-T08 after having them both dedomed. If the head diameter of 70 mm as stated is true then this could be an awesome thrower especially with the right tweaking. Its reflector looks promising too:

It also comes with 4 Small Sun 18650s and a charger. I’ve tried Small Sun 18650s before and they were relatively good. Not as good as Sanyos but better that *&#@fires:

Its selling price is $63.30 which hinders me from getting it right away. :frowning:

If it performs at par with a K40 or a T31 or an S1100 then it is a budget light and I have to get it. If it performs like a T08 then the price should be too much.

Does anyone have this yet or knows how this performs? :~

Step 1 of BLF's 12 step program.

There are a few of these around now. I think this is the fourth one that I have seen. Lightmalls has that first one that I saw. About that price maybe a little cheaper. I am now seeing them for $40 I almost bought one on Ali-express for $38 I had it in my cart buy they didn’t take paypal and the money I had was in paypal. so I decided not to bother. I am afraid they will be under driven and not really any better than the others and it wouldn’t be easy to mod. There just aren’t that many driver for a light that takes it’s batteries in parallel. It really limits your options. I know that it would be possible to mod the carrier for 2px2s but what a pain in the butt. I like the size and the handle and the larger reflector. but I would want to put an XM-L2 U2 dedomed and pump it up to 7 amps.

I still might get one and try and figure out how to mod the carrier.

Well anyway if you look around you can find one for around $40. I saw a boruit one sell on e-bay for $35 buy it now. I have seen ultrafire too and one other one. They come in black or gold.

LOL! I think I internalized well what a BLFer is all about, though I haven’t read the “12 Step Program” yet. :bigsmile:

This light looks similar to the UltraFire 1226 but looking closer, especially the reflector, its not quite the same so I was hoping this is a better light. :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice find. Would be better of course if som of us could make a hands on review. I’d count 4xChinese 18650s at $9 a pair if they are decent. And a power adapter for $3.

The actual light is ~$42 then. If it is a performer may be ok. But this is a price close to Solarforce or Crelant ranges.

Thanx 18650.

I was hoping this was different due to the pic of its reflector - and of course the 70 mm head (my K40’s head is 76.5 mm). I’ll try to look around for better deals.

And Happy Birthday, by the way! :bigsmile:

Thanks. I don’t really know what the difference is for sure. It’s just that unless one stated they were driven better I would think they will be about the same, same general size reflector. Big so should throw really well.

I’m hoping a BLFer who does great reviews has ‘good’ connections with WallBuys & will asked to do a review for this light. Meanwhile I’ll try to look for other cheaper sources as 18650 suggested.

Ive done some run time tests on my batteries using my 4Sevens Maelstrom X-10 set on high:

My Sanyo 2600 mAh unprotected 18650s lasts 103.02 minutes average (10 cells), my Sanyo 2600 mAh protected 18650s lasts 95.57 mins average (16 cells), the Redilast protected 2600 mAh 18650 I got from DBCstm lasts 95 mins, and my King Kong ICR 4000 mAh 26650 lasts 173.43 mins average (4 cells).

On the other hand, my UltraFire BRC 3000 mAh protected 18650s lasts 41.65 mins average (6 cells), my UltraFire SXY 3500 mAh 18650 lasts 21.31 mins, my Guiang Fa 3000 mAh 18650s lasts 33.89 mins ave (2 cells), and my HSZ 3800 mAh 18650s last 29.74 mins ave (2 cells).

The 2 Small Sun 2400 mAh protected 18650s I have which is very similar to the pics above lasts 65.93 mins average so its better than the higher rated *&@%fires. :slight_smile:

I think FlashPilot have tested the UltraFire 1226 at 3.51 Amps on high mode so that’s a good one for a single emitter. However he also stated that the diameter of the 1226’s reflector is only 51.65 mm, too small for a 70 mm head IMO, so I was convinced this was a different light.

Killed one of these in the recent sale at WB. I’ll report back when I’ve played with it a bit.

I was thinking about this light the other day.

photon1k - did you ever get this light?

I don't think it will be a good thrower, as the reflector has two angles in it and it is stippled (op), so probably more of a flood light?

Wallbuys emailed me about doing a review, but I don't know if I want to do one with a dual angle reflector.

I’ve been out of town all week but I’ll be back tonight. I’m hoping it’s waiting for me and that it is a thrower. I’ll have little interest in it otherwise. Where did you find the information about the dual angle?

Just from a photo blown up 400%. I can clearly see the dual stage and the OP finish, but it is listed as a smooth reflector, so maybe it’s not the final product that was sent out. You will know soon enough! Hope it’s a good thrower and that the photos were wrong.

The reflector of my 4Sevens Maelstrom X-10 is also dual but smooth (not OP) all throughout. Don’t mind the dust as I just took the picture right away a moment ago. :bigsmile:

My X-10 gives a good mixture of flood & throw. It throws about as much as my JetBeam BC40 and my Convoy C8 T6 3C w/10x 7135s but it has a wider hotspot.

Just got home after a 500+ kilometre drive so this is going to be quick and dirty. I haven't even looked at the pill yet... But the T20 was beckoning me so I grabbed a camera, put some cells in the light and soldiered on ...

You were right on the money sir. This photo makes the OP portion appear to be smaller than it is. The reflector has a heavy OP on the small flat portion nearest the emitter and it extends up the reflector to cover a guesstimated 40%. The remaining 60% is smooth.

I took it outside to compare the beam to that of a stock T08 and it seemed that the T20 had a smaller spot with very little corona. No time for proper beamshots tonight, but here are some white ceiling comparisons. T20 is on the left and T08 on the right. The slight oval appearance of the spots is because the camera was somewhat off the axis of the lights. Exposure as noted, all used daylight white balance.

This is a normal exposure. You can see the relative absence of corona on the T20, but both seem to be about the same brightness with the T20 spot being much smaller. This is very close to what my eyes are seeing, except for the blue tint.

The exposure is reduced by one stop and you can see the weaker T20's spot has been reduced in size. The T08 is obviously stronger.

And finally, reduced by two full stops. Now the T20 is fading and the T08's spot while still bright, has been reduced considerably in size.

Right now a stock T08 is noticeably brighter in a side by side. But the T20 appears to have a much tighter spot, with little corona and a similar amount of spill when compared with a T08. I think the T20 has a good reflector and if I can mod the driver or replace it, it's going to be a nice light.

Wow! Thanx for sharing all these photon1k. :open_mouth:

When properly modded (dedomed XM-L2, resistor mod/driver swap, copper plates etc), the T20 should throw to distances close to a modified K40. :wink:

My modified T08 gets me to 201 KCD and my modified K40 gets me to 252 KCD and my K40 driver gives relatively lower output even direct-wired. :slight_smile: