Anyone know about outdoor LED floodlights?

I was thinking about getting one of these for my brother.

He was going to install florescent lights in his shed (big big shed) and we got talking about LED lighting and I said Ill look something up for him with a plug so he wont need a electrician to install them.

I was about to buy one for him just now to test but then reading about a few of the 10w ones it says range is 1-3 meters.

The charts I was looking at was here:

Does this make them useless for using them as proper floodlights?

I was under the impression that being around 1000 lumens and floody it would do the job but its looking like they aren’t that great.

I have This One but havent had a chance to use it yet. Plan on using it for camping and cook outs, hope its ok

Most of the 10W/700-1000 lumen floods from China that I have seen/tested were actually 5W/350 lumens. They don’t give off enough light to flood a shed. You will probably need, at least, the 50W units… and depending upon the size/layout of the shed, more than one.