Anyone know if this could be modded easily into a decent light?

It’s your basic 3 x 18650 from Ebay that they sale with numerous T6 LEDs.
Item Number: 254339267346
Title: 350000 Lumens 11xT6 LED 18650 Tactical Flashlight Torch Super Bright 5-Modes
Basically just like the style, slender body with the much wider head. No zoom and holds enough 18650s that I’m hoping I can get some decent run times out of it. Thinking mostly throw with just enough spill/flood that the low/mid levels can be used for close-up work. I’ve never modded before which is why I said ‘modded easily’. I haven’t bought it yet but will if you guys think the parts are available. Dont know exact dimensions of board/emitter. inserting says it is 285mm long, 54mm bezel diameter and 26mm body diameter.

FYI, sorry if this is a stupid post/question. Just dont know enough about actually modding a flashlight. Such as parts needed, how board/driver/emitter sizes matter when placing in a flashlight, etc. Any good links to edu-micate myself would be appreciated also.

go check out some Skyray flashlight soup can mods. They’re similar idea on the multi emitter side but the driver would be questionable in your case since you’ll need a powerful buck driver

iirc people just thermal glue multiple 14mm led boards in the stock heatsink instead of led reflow on the original board.
and in the old skyray variants they mill a copper disk to press fit on their hollow tubes if the heatsink is bad in these chinese lights

But be prepared to spend big bucks and time as multi emitter ain’t cheap. And the multi wiring setups you’ll need to do

The driver can probably be resistor modded (or at the very least bypass the springs to lower resistance), the limiting factor is going to be the cheap non DTP MCPCB. Perfectly centering and gluing 3 seperate quality, direct thermal path Mcpcb’s is quite the task for a first mod.

I’d recommend starting somewhere e easier, if you like a triple reflector light check out the sofirn triple C8, maybe replace the LED’s in that and bypass the springs. Get your feet wet before trying a high dive

Unless you’re interested in reflowing 11 LEDs at once, I’d avoid an emitter swap like the plague.

It’s going to take a lot of effort to get the flashlight to a decent state.

I would say it would be cheaper and way more efficient to just buy a BLF Q8 and keep this as a backup until you are ready to dive deep into modding :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the post, didnt realize what I was about to get into I guess. The C8 was my first choice but wish I could find a way to add extra batteries. I ordered an FT03 and S2+ so I’ll start with nodding the S2+ and I’ll order a C8 just for the experience since it has so many options for modding. Guess my best bet for now is to wait for Banggood to deliver those 2 flashlights and I may just buy a Trustfire T62 since I prefer the tail switch style lights. Thank you all again, give me a bit to get some experience and I may pick this idea up again to see it through.

The S2+ is a great “starter” light for modding. Hard to go wrong…