Anyone know where to find 3V Luxeon MZs in warm (4000K or under) temps and high CRI?

I'm looking for four warm, high-CRI 3V MZs for a mod I'm I'm working on, but they're either out of stock or simply not carried everywhere I look. Literally all I've been able to find is 5700K 90 CRI, and 3000k 70 CRI. Neither of these is ideal for my purposes. If anyone has any idea where to get what I'm looking for, I'd really appreciate it!

DigiKey has a 90-CRI 3000K Luxeon MZ 3-Volt I believe, none in 4000k that I could find though.

Haven’t bought one yet, went searching for them there a couple days ago since I’m looking to try one too.

DigiKey P/N# 1416-1568-1-ND

Hey, thanks for your help! 3000K 90 CRI will work for me.

Digikey is where I got my two. I mixed 2x 5700K and 2x 3000K both 90CRI, good result. Problem is MZ requires a pebbled TIR or frosted lens basically.