Anyone like to contribute a few dollars for a BLF friend in need?

If anyone is interested and would like to contribute a few dollars for a BLF friend in need PM me for details. All money will be sent directly to a flashlight dealer, not me. $3-$5 per person by paypal should be enough.

you may want to give some more information, it seems like your looking to buy a flashlight for someone?
what do they need it for?

Yeah you need to give some detailed info on the person in need.

I have been very successful in garnerning proceeds for sick or injured people at Southern Company.

Also I was a mod at a computer help tech site, the owner had a friend with severe cancer.
I challenged each of the 80k members to send $1 or $2 each.
Shocked I was to hear the poor-mouth whining folks saying they could Not afford to send two lousy bucks.
What total and complete BS.

Let us know the details and those who can and can “think” for themselves may have the fortitude to contribute.


Yes, it’s to purchase a flashlight for a BLF member. If you PMed me and got a response and agree with the plan please post here that you think it’s a good idea or something to that extent.

why,we need more information!tks

I suspect I know who and if that’s the case, this is a good idea.

I also understand why you desire to arrange the bulk of this privately, as you’ve no desire to embarrass the member.

im in

If you're looking at a flashlight we carry, feel free to message me and I'll see if we can work out a special discount.

I think I will have faith in mankind during the holidays and trust its for a good cause. Im in. It will be nice to make someones holiday a little brighter. :santa: Give us the details on how this will be done.

PM sent

PM sent.

Thanks Guys, I think I replied to all the PMs, I work evenings so usually can’t reply until around midnight EST.
My PM is not personalized, it’s a copy and paste reply. thanks again

I did not get a PM back..

PM received and this is a very nice thing to do. Please help out if you can. This is really one of those times when you will be glad you did.

I’m in, let me know when and where to send my contribution.

resent, thanks

Everyone that received PM say it’s nice thing to do, so I’m in.
Just for my curiosity, can you send me PM too? :shy:

I’m in with my humble contribution
BLFers, come and join this, you’ll like it

PM sent.

P.M. Sent :santa: