Anyone notice lasers have been disappearing?

ok i am sure most of you are aware of lasers. Is it just me or do they seem to be disappearing lately? i remember back in the mid 2000s wicked lasers had some 100mV lasers for like 200-500 bucks. around this time frame they became increasingly popular. then around 2009-2010 they became like very cheap, and 100mV lasers sold for under 100 on wicked lasers, plus they had like over 20 choices ranging from 30-150mv. fast forward to now, they have like, disappeared, and only selling a few expensive models, and one weak 5mV model. same goes for ebay and amazon, seems like they are not selling as much as they used to. so has the laws changed or something that lead to this?

It may be related to the fact that anything over 5mw can no longer be imported into the US. They have to be imported in separate parts and assembled in the US.

get a DVD-RW and grab its laser. I heard its around 100mW.

You can still buy laser diodes over 5mw.

well that’s a shame, so now on pretty much if you want something nice and powerful you have to build it yourself huh?

Or order it from someone/a company in the US.

CQG Extreme runtime.

I have a LXP 2 x 26650 host coming from him. 2.6W, using the new 9mm module. Supposed to be very stable.

They have used those 26650 SS host, DRY, Shadow JM07 hosts etc etc……

Xeno E06 and E03 (I think)

All are flashlights. :party:

Best value for the $$$ would be the C6 at ard 1.1-1.3W (depends on the diode efficiency)….so many people selling at 110-130 shipped.

The last picture is the Saik, which is actually somewhat popular over here at BLF.

BTW, usual disclaimer….these Class IVs are definitely not toys. Pls read the appropriate safety literature if you are interested.

Not me

Maybe there’s not much market for them. I, for one, can’t think of a single domestic use for a standalone laser that isn’t part of some targeting mechanism in, say, an infrared thermometer or a spirit level or a jigsaw etc.

2100 nice array. Im waiting on a champion 9mm diode to start a 3.5W build. Hopefully
it shouldnt take to long to get binned.

To the OP, the laser hobbie moves so quick. Some times taking rather huge leaps in
technology and education. The new laws have put a damper on marketing direct to the public.
On the other hand i see more and more talented poeple biulding now more than ever.
Thats said the evenvelope is being pushed and pursuit of high output high quality applications has taken a fast track in the past several years. 1W 445nm was a big deal 3-4 years ago…Now 3W
handhelds are becoming the norm…

Out of curiosity, what sorts of things are people using 3W handheld lasers for?

They are not mine. Only that LXP one @ 2.6W is. Well the power is 15% lower than the 3W CQG Extreme “Big boy”, but it is also 15% cheaper….so i guess it’s fair. (actually won’t really be able to detect 15% in both dot/beam/burning also, from our experience in flashlights).

Yeah 1W was a big deal, when it was introduced and i saw it…it was like WTF? Finally a Class V handheld, in fact comfortably over Class V (500mW).

Not really sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do we have all these flashlights……

Life is short…

This is something I wrote in a different forum regarding handheld laser pointers (LP’s).

“I want to open the dialog about the ”legality” surrounding laser pointers (LPs), in the USA.

I’ve been looking for actual “laws” making the buying or selling of laser pointers illegal, and I’m not finding them, not to be confused with regulations, and ordinances, which are not laws.

I don’t think they, (LPs), are illegal, which is why the FDA is the entity that is regulating them, through their governance of devices that produce harmful emissions. Which is why I can’t find penalties for buying or selling them

Since the FDA has limited power or enforcement, they are only able to decree these devices unsafe and have Customs seize them when they find them crossing the borders.

I have noticed that when we have a local incidence of someone pointing a laser at an airplane, the news reports about federal charges covering the harassment and endangerment of the planes and passengers, no mention of the use of illegal lasers.

I think laws are being written as we speak, but have to be VERY CAREFULLY crafted due to the more common every day uses for lasers. There seems to be an understanding that sloppy written laws could severely cripple vital technology, causing all kinds of problems, very difficult to reverse.

Saying all that, we have a hobby that is interesting and makes some of us to want to learn as much as we can about them, while having to endure the difficulties that come with a very small group of IDIOTS that are causing problems for the rest of us.

I wouldn’t hesitate in calling the authority’s if I witnessed the foolish use of a laser pointer.

So far, just my 2¢”

Langcjl and I bought a inexpensive green laser from Buyingcoins (I think) about a year ago. It's a 532nm that they called 100mw but I don't think anybody believes it's that much. It pulls about a half amp current and seems powerful as heck to me . . .

This is Foy blasting the infamous cactus plant (55 feet away) while filling the pool at our old house. I think Lang and/or his kids popped some balloons with it.

I think it was under $30. I did the best I could with a short review as I know little-to-nothing about lasers. I will say that it has been a lot more fun than I imagined although I've yet to put out a street light like E said his does. (a lot more powerful than mine)


Well.. I'm no fan of lasers. Too many dumb people. And I'm glad that German customs hold them back.. if I'm not able to easily get a 1W+ laser, dumber people wont be able to get one either. And those who really are into that hobby, will always find a way. :)

Lasers was fun until people start pointing them at people’s faces in public like in that Seinfeld episode or using them to blind aircraft pilots.