Anyone ordered blades from

I been itching for a big fixed blade knife and a few big military style knives caught my eye from this seller, he takes paypal so I might place an order, but has anyone ordered from that store before? How did your order go? Shipping times? Were you satisfied? Please share your impressions!

Here is their website

Thanks in advance for your help!

Not me, sorry…. never heard of them, either. Their fixed blades are not within my price range, at elast the ones i can check; when i try no see tne next page, i get a 404 message…
Interesting thing, though:
i had never seen this knock off

Edited to add: they say they’re manufacturer, being in the business since ’96… but i can’t find them in other forums…. weird….

Thanks, I too feel suspicious about their company being in business since 96 but no one in any forum has ever mentioned them, that’s why I’m askimg here, the full tang big blades look awesome though, The way to avoid the 404 message is to not sort it in any way and just click on the pages one by one.

Here are some of the interesting ones I’ve seen

Do you guys know of another budget dealer that takes paypal and sells thick (0.5 cm) big (20cm) fixed blades with full tangs and synthetic removable handles?


awesome, Alex, btw… :smiley:

And they take paypal… you are more than welcome to order from them and have the honour to write the first review in the forum, i’m sure SB is gonna approve that. But before check out their alibaba info, it might be useful