Anyone Own and Enjoy the MAG Lights in LED?

Hey all,

Not long after the LED elements became available in MAG Lights, I got one. I have owned MAG lights up to 5 cells in the past. I bought a MAG light right after they went to the LED elements, I think. I’d like to ask you all about it and get your thoughts.

The one I have is a 3XAA model in silver. It works great and is a good flashlight. The only negative I can think of on this light is its longer length.

About a year or so ago I called MAG to get some info on something or other and the woman asked me if I had a MAG and if I did, which one I had. I told her I did and it was the 3XAA in Silver. She responded with a “WOW”! Then she told me that they had stopped selling them a long time ago and that they only sold them for a year or 2.
I wondered why she was mildly excided about my light and she told me that it is somewhat of a “collectors item” cause they don’t sell them any longer, there’s not that many out there and even less of the SILVER finished one. She told me that this particular model was very popular with guys/gals that work with their hands like mechanics, carpenters, builders, inspectors, you name it. I wondered why this particular model was so popular when they were also still selling their 2xAA models all over the place and they seemed like nice lights. She told me that the thing that those that use this model and won’t give them up is its long length. I guess there are pockets on cover-alls or Bib Overalls that will fit this light really well and allow them access to it easily.

Anyway, I don’t know if the lady was just blowing smoke to me or not. I like the light and am not trying to sell or trade it.

I would like to know what you all think of the current MAG lights. Does anyone own any of these lights or no? I’m thinking about one of the 2xC cell models. I like the ability to have a beam that can be adjusted to the occasion.
If you own one, which one do you own? If you are wanting to get 1 or more, which one(s) are you interested in?

Lastly, have you ever heard such a thing about this 3xAA light that I have?

Thank you all.

I have a 2D LED, but only for collection, not for real use. Beam it’s too throwy, lumens are higher than advertised (210lm instead of 168), but the size makes it unusable (almost the size of a convoy L6)

I actually have a 3AA maglight modifyed by Justin (old Lumens) with a xml in 4c tint, TIR optic ,and a 5 mode driver.I remember seeing these for sale at Wallmart and thinking they had good modding potential having three cells.They were on discount but I only picked up one.Guess I should have bought a few more for a rainy day.I think one of these with an XPL-HI and a fet driver pushed by three nimh cells would be really sweet.If I had only bought more when I had the chance. Oh well.

I have four of the black 3AA maglights from when Sam’s or Costco were selling the 2 packs plus batteries pretty cheap. The only thing I use one of them for is nighttime walks at a local preserve. They require a red flashlight on the guided walks so I put a red filter on one.

I also have a 2AA LED model that I keep in my day pack along with spare batteries.

4 or maybe 5 2xAA’s floating around the house and garage, although they’re all LED now, several started life as incas.

Great light to mod, “budget”, all metal and commonly available.

I had some Mag LED lights. But sold them off.

Silver 3 D Cell 625 lumens Silver

Black 2 AA 272 Lumens.

Still have a 5 D Cell that I might MOD someday depending on cost factors.

I hated that stupid ” black doughnut hole when you focused from spot to flood light ”

I guess i should have saved the Silver Version. Not too many made.

I’ve been using a old 2AA maglite led I repaired for my dad and honestly I cant stand it. I tried using it to read with and it gives me a headache, I think maybe it’s the PWM. Not sure if the newer ones are better.