Anyone purchased from or


I purchased from both of these websites ( and, and I guess that I’m starting to worry about these purchases, especially the one from

I’ve received a “tracking number” from, and it has what appears to be a valid “format”, “RBxxxxx6645CN”, but the number has not worked. The reason that I’m especially worried about this one is that they’re checkout/payment system was weird. I had to checkout and then go to myself, and “send money” to them. Then, later, their website showed that the order was paid, and awhile later, they gave me the tracking number.

Given the rather strange payment approach, I’m not sure if I could even lodge a dispute with Paypal if I have to, but I’ve asked Paypal, but haven’t heard back yet. had a more normal checkout/payment system, but instead of providing a tracking number, they have a strange number, like “EEXXXXXXXXXX6121142”, and track through a separate website for “EMS”, which so far, only says “In transit”.

Both purchases were made in the April 17-18 timeframe, and obviously, I haven’t received any of the items yet.

So, I was wondering: Has anyone here dealt with either of these websites/companies? Are they legitimate even?


I haven’t dealt with either before, but I did find this thread. Hopefully you will get your orders!


So, at least everbuying seems a little legitimate. seems more (a lot more, maybe) “iffy”. They do seem to respond to messages posted via their website, but can take a couple of days. I’ll post back after I hear back from Paypal. If I can dispute (not that I will, if I get what I ordered), then I’m not so worried, but right now. not sure :(!).


Edit: BTW, the thing that will REALLY tick me off if the thing doesn’t work out is that the ONLY reason I bought from them is that they’re like the only place that was not showing out-of-stock for a TF-R2 :(…

Hang in there ohaya. I dont recall which dealers, but I have created orders before and later been emailed the total with shipping and paid with paypal. Its not at all uncommon to not find your tracking numbers from HK/china 100% of the time or to only get very sparse information.

Also, their CS response to you is rather reassuring. Just dont let 45 days go by before creating a pp dispute (if necessary). Im sure you will get your money back if it comes down to it. If youre a p60 guy, the TF-R2 is well worth the wait. In fact, its the only P60 host Id remotely even consider calling a “real flashlight”. :bigsmile:

Will you STOP saying that kind of stuff? It just makes me want to get one even more, and it’s driving me NUTS!

Kind of just kidding :), but this is really kind of crazy that this light is so darn hard to find!