Anyone recognize the following flashlight ? Scene on Sanctuary - Ice-Breaker

Anyone recognise the flashlight ? Thanks !

Well the pics arent working however I watched the episode and was wondering the same thing.


Try that link, any ideas anyone ?

It kind of looks like a small HID.

Wolf-eyes Boxer 10-W ?

I was about to say the Polarion 10W but, depending on how big the guy's hands are, it could be a Microfire Innovator.

Or any one of a host of (almost) cheap 10W HIDs which probably don't make a lot of sense in these days of XM-L's.

That’s probably a good guess.

It may also be a generic, as Don pointed out.

I would disagree, however, that HIDs don’t make sense - on film. The beam intensity is much greater than with most LEDs. This allows the beam to be captured on-camera with greater ease.

I just saw Captain America, and during the opening scene in the Tundra the director exploits the same beam effect. They are using larger torches, possibly in the 35-watt range.

Small HID for sure.

Another picture.

Def looks like a Wolf-Eyes Boxer 10w, thanks everyone !

Would any of you kind folk advise on batteries for a unit like this ?

I guess options are:

3x LRB-168 rechargeable

3x LRB-150 rechargeable

4x CR-123 non-rechargeable

Thanks ...

Thats funny because the first thing that came to mind was a Wolf Eyes Boxer. I have a Boxer 24W myself and I thought it looked like the smaller 10W. Now after seeing the still pick its dead on.

So which XML's should I research that would fall into the same performance as this HID flashlight/torch ?

Just about any of them will produce the same sort of output as a 10W HID. There probably aren't a lot of 10W ones left on the market. The higher wattage ones still have their place.

If you want a really tight beam, the 10W devices probably still have their uses as long as they are cheap enough.