Anyone recognize these cells?

Anyone recognize these cells whether they are garbage or not?

I have some 18v Porter Cable tools that lithium cells have not been produced by the manufacturer in quite some time. I found some packs on Amazon that were cheap enough and got decent reviews that i tried one of them. Biswaye brand. Works way better than the whooped nicads. I’ll put it through it’s paces with the circular saw. Construction looks decent inside.



Don’t recognise ’em, but I’d put ’em through an analysing charger to get each one’s capacity and internal resistance.

Assuming you don’t want to keep them intact in the pack. :smiley:

I’ve used scrounged pack-cells w/o hesistation, once they check out.

Samsung 25R maybe…??

Edit: Porter Cable was the best of the best back in the 80’s, not sure how they are now but I’ve had a lot of their tools and they are rock solid.

Double check for any text or numbers on the cells.

I’d do that but I’d have to break all the pack spot welds. I’ll thrash it pretty hard and see how it performs. Like circular saw and pressure treated lumber. :slight_smile:


Those markings we’re all I could find without tearing the pack apart.


Hmm, they do kinda look like those cells. Maybe I’ll see if I can find some other markings.

Since they aren’t actual Porter Cable packs, I figured they would be some random cells but the pack seems built pretty well. Balance taps, good protection board construction etc.


I see that they are in serial connection 5S1P…
What is the rated capacity on Amazon ?
If it’s 2500mAh then they indeed could be 25R

There are 2 rows in 5s, 2p and they are rated at 4000mah, so 2000mah cells.


Then they are Samsung 20R ! Great high drain cells…

The only thing is that they don’t appear to have the legit Samsung printing on them. I’m gonna take the pack apart again and dig a little deeper and see if I can find any more writing.

The design and the color little ring/bump at the top sure does look like Samsung.

Thanks guys.


I think you have some really great recently dated cells there, the 25R’s are 20A continuous INR chemistry Korean.
Took a look for HKJ’s reviews and found some info for you.
The link below is HKJ’s review of the blue’s, or actually called cyan, there’s also a green.
I don’t know why this link below won’t work normally but cut and paste it into your browser and it works, it will take you to HKJ’s site.
I’m not to good at forum buttons.
I noticed he did a review here also of the green ones just browse for Lygte Samsung 25R

I have had the same problem before with links. Only way I found for it to work was to switch to Advanced Post Editor down below, highlight a word or a few words and click insert (not the insert link icon), then in the drop down choose insert/edit link. Paste link to url box and check to make sure your highlighted words are in the text to display box and click ok.

Samsung 25R

What makes you guys think those are Samsung cells, other than the color of the wrap? Samsung’s name is printed on Samsung cells, and they don’t date their cells like that. Those tool pack cells are also almost 9yrs old so I wouldn’t expect them to last very long.

For example, the pictue of those 25r’s T18 posted are dated Oct 3 2013

My experience is that when clone packs use Samsung cells, the cells are labeled as Samsung.
A Makita clone.