Anyone saw DIY magnetic connectors for sale

I was asking myself If anyone, wandering through the vastness of electronic parts from
china (ebay, aliexpress, alibaba, taobao…) stumbled on small magnetic connectors for DIY projects?

What I had in mind is something like Klarus is using on many of their models for charging:

Same size or a bit smaller, 2 poles-vires, I would need both parts, the one that is built in and the cable part.
It would be excellent if cable connector is at 90 degrees like on X60:

and cable doesn’t need to be thick.

I know it’s probably long shot but it doesn’t cost anything to ask, right :slight_smile:

Something kind of like this?

Cable part is ok, I can just cut USB plug and connect what I want, but the small magnet to male usb plug
that goes into a device you want to charge is not what I am looking, I need it to be magnet to soldering points.