Anyone seen good prices on LED tealights

I work in a place with a lot of smoke detectors and candles are not an option so am looking for the cheapest possible ones. I have bought these things from DX before but can't find them again and my DX search skills seem to need a refresher course so if anyone has seen these LED fake candles for a decent price any help would be welcome.

Found them - but the price is not good.

Anyone seen the like for a good price elsewhere?

Hi Don try this:

Just go down for more expensive ones, I hope this help.

Thanks for that - I always forget ebay, don't know why but I always do.

Don I don't really look on ebay. I always think of DX KD etc.

Ebay is really big and some stuff is hard to find.

poundland had them on sale a few weeks back

Another place I keep forgetting about. I also got some of these which are marginally relevant here as they emit light and use LEDs. Doubt the lumen count is terribly impressive though, but runtime should be an appreciable fraction of forever.

Will add a rating for lightinthebox when they arrive. You wouldn't believe the fun an emailed paypal receipt caused in the finance office.

$0.1 LED Pig Flashlight Keychains

Expires in: 1/9/2010

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I see that that coupon is already expired, I could have found use for another led pig, too bad... Or could be a misprint for 09/01/2011 (dmy)?


Is it just me or is the mdy date sorting illogical? I mean dmy is "small-larger-largest", mdy on the other hand is the flashlight equivalent of "Med-Low-High".

Who would make things confusing on purpose like that? Or could it be a vestigial remnant of the imperialism?

It's his/her 1st post. Clearly not introducing himself into BLF comunity so it is safe to assume it is a cheap way to help promote a new probably HK seller. Worth a laugh tho in the category for blue lasers there is actually a blue laser but it is unfortunately referred to host color not actual beam. :)

wow. spambot got spammed LMFAO

I never introduce myself when I'm new on forums, my first post is usually advice or question and not advertising though...

Ya right! I thought it was a spam/advertising post, but there is nothing like having your first post slammed as spam if you are indeed a legit user. I though it better to be nice and find out later if it really is a legit user or a spammer than going the, imo less nice, cpf route and assuming everything is spam...

Hi All,

Please ,the coupon is not expired.


But, it says that it expired months ago!?

To be frank, do you have any affiliation with There has been some speculation about it and it would be better for all involved if we are clear on the issue. If you are a indeed a regular user and are not doing advertising on behalf of a company, then please say so and accept my sincere apology for asking the question and my thanks for the coupon.

On the other hand, if you are indeed doing advertising on the behalf of a company then please be honest about it. Honesty reflects much better on the company which you represent than does dishonest/shilling tactics.

I have just tried it and it works fine.


I never introduce myself when I'm new on forums, my first post is usually advice or question and not advertising though...

Yep, thats common here too. I was playing a bit conservatively with wording. Looked 100% genuine spam to me but i took a bit more cauitious route instead of bashing directly.

Anyway i still believe it was not a very harsh comment.

I am not claiming that your comment were too harsh, I was just making the observation that everything may not be as it first seems even though I'm 99% convinced that your intuition is correct in this case.

The second comment in that post was primarily aimed at xP.1337's "braying laughter" comment about how he/she thought my previous post was naive. Thus I outlined the basic rationale behind the post in question. I realize that I probably should have separated the parts a bit more in order to get my message across a bit more clearly, but wth.

Hi Don

did you get LED tea lights i was in Costco last week and they had a pack of i think 24 or 30 cant remember for a round £15

I find this kind of light is interesting. These candles are perfect for weddings, parties, restaurants and home use

The product detail say "When you don't need the light anymore just blow on it and you extinguish the flame. "

Thanks Barrie - that's a decent price and I think I'll get some more. I had great fun with the ones I got - people have seen candles being blown out, but blowing on them to make them light was a new one for the patients.

I found one, i think the price is ok, but i don't know ship time and quality.