Anyone speak Chinese please?

i recieved this amazing item (lol) which i never ordered, it is in my name, but the from is in chinese(please no offense if it is another asian language :D) any idea who it is from?

I don't know any Asian languages...

but here's a close-up for those that do:

It looks like an address.

The sender is from Beijing, China.

But there is only receiver’s country “Czech”
on it, no detail shipping address, how the
post office can send it to you?

i’m more curious of how much that sensor is?

it looks like this…

my adress is on the other side,i can post a picture as well, didnt know if there were any privacy concerns


I wouldn’t recommend posting your address here. :slight_smile:

Something was telling me its a bad idea :smiley: but why exactly? what could one do with my address, besides sending me more alarm clocks? :smiley:

Maybe it was something else you ordered and they sent the wrong item?

thats the thing, i checked my fasttech, dx, and ebay accounts, and there is nothing i am missing (some are in transit according to the dates)

It’s a debatable thing, but some people categorize that as private information.

An interesting thread:

I am having an issue with one off the shops that gets mentioned on this forum where I have paid for someone elses order. How or why this happened I dont know. $170.03 was the charge. Maybe this has happened in your circumstances.

Ouch, that’s a hefty sum.

I hope you get all your money back right away.

I’m being nice, patient, doing lots off typing and biting my tongue. PayPal originally knocked my dispute on the head and it took a lot of talking to get them to reopen it.

Did not even know it’s possible to have PayPal reopen. From a few messages from PayPal on dispute, I get the impression they think they are God and once they make a ruling that’s the absolute final message. What did you do to get it reopened?

I can speak Chinese, but have never learnt to read or write it.

门头沟区 Mentougou district
河 2号
琏克 Lian Ke, Lian G?

I emailed them explaining what was going on and I had nothing to send them as there was no records of me buying anything from them except a payment from me to them. As I have been in dialogue with the shop with emails I am forwarding them straight to PayPal again via email and yes they reopened the case no problem.
I have been extremely restrained in my wording, kept it simple and told both sides the truth.

Next time I file a complaint, will save all emails. Thanks for response.

When paying with PayPal have the funds come from a credit card not your bank account. Credit card protections are better and if Paypal doesn’t help you, have the credit card company do a charge-back. Paypal hates that but there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. :party: It also gives you more leverage dealing with them.