Anyone tried senybor 2800mah?

If the seller's info is to be believed, its capacity is acutally ~2800mah. It seems to be fairly long nearly 70mm long. It's cheaper than AW but more expensive than trustfires... I'm still trying to find some genuine reasonably priced panasonic NCR18650, but these could be a suitable alternative.

You have a link to them so we can take a gander?

If it's believeable or not...

SenyBor is a Shenzhen company that made some crappy cells before, so I would question the "result" posted ( )

The cells have a CE mark, so a good start would be to ask the UK seller for the declaration of conformity documents...

sorry forgot to post the link... but its the one mentioned above

I'd give it maybe a 0.5% chance that the CE mark is genuine...and I think that might be a little too generous.

Under the wrapper Senybor are identical to Panasonic NCR 18650 2900mAh, right down to the dot printed numbers.

I asked the obvious question, but unlike Xtar who are happy for everyone to know that they use Sanyo cells, SenyBor were non commital.

Different wrapper on those ... The one I got was rated 2600

I still call it a waste of money [2600]... Having said that , only one way to know , some one needs to buy them and test them .