Anyone use a vacuum sealer?

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased an open but unused Foodsaver brand vacuum sealer at a garage sale for $30. It came with the factory bundle of pre-made bags and a small roll of each of the wide and narrow bag material. I’ve used these pretty quickly packing vegetables from my garden and re-packing meat purchased in larger family-sized packs.

Does anyone have any input on the best available options for replacement bagging rolls? I know the Foodsaver rolls aren’t the most budget friendly option. I just picked up a pack of the Hamilton Beach branded material; it seems decent quality and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Any suggestions on alternative uses for the vacuum sealer? It seems like it should be more versatile than for food storage alone.

Well you can keep your copper lights super shiny and protected from the elements. It’s also perhaps a different way of displaying your lights if that’s your thing.

I think most of those vacuum bag materials are about the same. I tend to use mine for sous vide cooking.

Sous-vide cooking
You could store emergency equiptment water tight - but I don’t know if too much water is a problem at all in Texas.

With all of the flooding and tropical storm they’ve been having recently, water tight storage isn’t a bad idea!

I’ve got a FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe that I use for 3-5 deer each year and some misc stuff.

Since I do a ton at once, I find the premade bags to be very convenient (say, packaging 100x 1lb packages, plus steaks, etc). I use rolls a bit but not as much. Here’s what I’ve bought most recently. I’ve also used the Weston brand with good results.

Have fun sucking vacuuming!

Cut the bags extra long and you can reuse them. Each time you open them you will use about 2 inches so a bag 6 extra inches long can be used 4 times.

I have up until recently been buying my rolls from HERE
These are 50ft rolls, compared to 20ft, from foodsaver, and better quality. It used to be a great cost savings, but the new (more expensive) style rolls, and shipping to Michigan, have made it not so economical, for me. Great gal that runs the place.
I get discount from a BBQ forum I belong to. She updates it monthly, but this: SM617 is still working.

will dogs be able to smell whatever is in those bags ??

I normally eat a lot of rice. It works out to be considerably cheaper to buy the rice in the big bulk bags from Sam’s. My next plan is to buy a 25 lb. bag and reseal in separate 5 lb. vacuum packs.

Also handy for packing fillets when I’ve been fishing. I’ve frozen several packs of green beans from my garden.

A vacuum sealer will seal clothing items so they take up less room in a backpack when you travel, but once the bag seal is broken the clothing will take up more room, so make sure you are aware of this if you seal up bulkier clothing items for your pack. I also seal up loose items such as change to keep it from rattling in my backpack. Make small pouches and seal up and then label how much is in the bag.

I have seen no scientific studies about that but I bet they smell either molecules remaining outside of the bag after cleaning or molecules diffusing through the plastic.

My cats do but that’s probably from the “spill” when vacumizing. And you can never gat them entirely clean. Dogs are even more sensitive than cats. My guess is “yes”.