Anyone used Fasttech - Should Be Slowtech!!!!

Has anyone used Fasttech before and are they reliable, I ordered a torch 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived, I know there’s been the Chinese New year but I ordered batteries from Banggood for it 3 days after and they arrived 10 days ago, I also ordered a Gopro lens 5 days after and that’s been here over a week.

They should be re-named Slowtech … there’s nothing fats about the service I’ve had apart from taking you money!!!

They are not the fastest shipper or packer, but for me thru 17 or 18 orders they have been flawless! I will continue to use them for spare parts stock and such, when I can wait. I tend to use them for tiny orders, maybe 2 or 3 at a time. That way, if a package gets lost I do not loose the entire order.


You said you ordered 3 weeks ago, when did it ship? If they shipped it fast they can’t really be blamed if the shipping option you chose ended up being slow.

They have always packed/shipped fast for me, and their e-packet option has been one of the fastest shipping options I’ve used. Their shipping upgrade prices are fantastic imo.

I’ve never had a problem with Fasttech, and often they actually do ship very quickly. 15 orders, no issues.

Yeah, I’m in agreement with some of the other commenters here. Fasttech has always been one of the quicker, more reliable Chinese retailers in my experience.

You got lucky on your banggood order, it takes 3-4 weeks to get something from china after its shipped.

Fasttech slowtech thats very clever :smiley:

Is it really hard to understand?

50+ orders for me, knives. Sure it takes a while, but they arrive in the end. I’ve had one no-show, swiftly refunded without any drama. Buy with confidence.

Fasttech is the only large asian company that I will buy from anymore. But even they have been screwing up with late shipping lately.

So far, FastTech has been great for me as well…

Sometimes, it can take them a few days to get an order processed and shipped, you probably just got unlucky with the CNY timing.

Just a few orders with them but mine seemed to be a little faster than the other Chinese Mega-Stores. All bets are off during CNY- anything can happen then except “fast”. I do not hesitate to do business with FastTech but I consider my options with the other Mega-Stores.

Do yourself a favor and take my approach with these kinds of merchants: Have no expectations of anything except eventually getting your order in working condition. You’re not paying for anything better than this.


I pay the extra $2.00 for Australia Expedited Air and things arrive 7-10 days after shipping. I’ve received 50+ orders so far.

Thank you Fasttech for all the great deals for the past holiday and your already low low prices!!!

Now days I add the registered postage option every time if my order value doesn’t entitle me to it. It costs like a dollar or two and seems to speed things up, well worth it.

FastTech haven’t let me down yet.


FastTech is one of the best, if not the best, Chinese seller. They are fast and reliable.

Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 days to ship, but normally you can read a prediction of the shipping day in the order survey. Good service!

No it’s not hard to understand at all but considering it was ordered well and truly before those dates and I placed orders between 3 and 5 days later with 2 other companies and both their products arrived 10 days ago (both with standard postage) I can’t see why fasttech couldn’t of done similar …… is that really hard to understand?

For everybody else though …. maybe I’ve just been a bit unlucky this time (it’s the 1st time I’d ever heard of / used them), I’ve raised a ticket so see if they can track it and will hang on for a few more days to see if it turns up …… thanks for nearly everyone’s input :smiley:

Two of the three orders I placed during the CNY sale have shipped already and the third is now processing. Meanwhile back at another Chinese seller an order that was placed just before CNY is still languishing as in process….