Anyone with delayed packages from China or only me?

Hi guys!

I have…… 9 packages from DinoDirect which should have arrived about 3 weeks ago.

This is frustrating.

Again it is happening the same: LIFO

I have received items that were not supossed to be received during this month, but the things which were supossed to be received 3 weeks ago… NOT!!!

Anyone in the same situation? (

I’m still waiting on a parcel from itc_shop that was sent on the 3rd of July, but at this point I don’t expect it to even arrive at all. The seller has already provided me with a full refund, so it’s not a big deal.

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Sometimes it takes more than a month.

:(( I know that, but is frustrating that you receive first your lasts purchases and the first ones takes forever to arrive…

And still we are not in the Christmas rush……

Still waiting. . .
This was my first order from them.

I ordered some items from DX about the same time. Most of the items arrived 3 weeks ago, but 3 of the items showing still backordered and not shipped. :frowning:
(edited 8/23 to add) Just checked and my backordered items have now shipped.

fran, look here what i got today from Dinodirect:

my very first gungray Tank007 E09 (tin case included a printed manual! much brighter than my older V2 and my V1 E09's, yay. tight hotspot, *very* throwy. i love this gungray, improved V2!! :love: ):

2 DD orders (e.g. ordered 2012-07-12) still pending, see my sig.

I’ve noticed that all the packages coming out of Hong Kong are going through New York and take 10 days or more to clear customs, whereas the packages coming from mainland China go through Los Angeles averaging about 4 days to clear customs. Maybe NYC is busier, maybe lazier. But it does seem to be the trend: Hong Kong through NYC takes longer than mainland China through LA.

Kreisler, does your new e09 has 2 or 4 holes?

Some of what you said is right. My order from HK has been with ISC NY for 17 days and no idea how much longer they plan to keep it. My order from Singapore however wen through ISC NY in 2-3 days, which was ordered about one week later. Maybe different groups in ISC NY are dealing with shipments from different countries?

fran, mine has 2 holes. serial number 203091XXX. (XXX=number between 000 and 999 ;=)

same here… sometimes items arrived withing 14 days and some take 1 month.

:Sp the waiting continues……………………………….

TX kreisler. SO mine with 4 holes is from another world :stuck_out_tongue:

Last few orders I placed arrived quite quickly, but you know it is like playing the lotto.

Sometimes it looks like there is a ship every two weeks only, as all packages come together even when the orders were placed in 2-3 different weeks.

3-mode drop-in from Manafont:

07/08/2012 Pending
07/09/2012 Processing Your order is being processed.
07/09/2012 Dispatched

I still haven’t gotten it. I’ve gotten a few other orders from them while I’ve waited.

I sent one email a couple weeks ago, and they said it is common for orders to take 4 weeks to arrive, and sometimes orders can take 5 weeks, as if I hadn’t received a dozen orders from them already, always getting them within 30 days.

I’m a little miffed and will send another email now.

My last purchase was on 08/13 from China.

Last scan indicated that the parcel shipped 08/19. Since then I do not have any update. However, the fact that it shipped so quickly is a good sign.
I’ve noticed that parcels from Hong Kong are typically faster lately.

Its dinodirect thing. IF your items are “popular”, it can take them 10 or more days to dispatch it (and than several days to be shipped).
IU think its low seasong now, postal offices are not very crowded and packages coming from sellers wich dispatch them quickly come quickly. Even unregistered packages, it can take only 7-8 days.

I have one lost or something package from dx though. Tracking number innactive for 20+ days.

No no, I am talking about the time AFTER being shipped.

I have to admit that DD has suffered the same problem as DX has suffered. As they increase the number of customers, more orders have to be processed and the delay in order processing increases.

I remember late 2011 and early 2012 that all my orders at DD were processed and shipped the day after being paid.

Today, 99% of the orders need more than 5 working days to be processed and fully shipped.

This is applicable to all Chinese sellers. As demand increases (number of orders placed by the customers), the order processing time increases.

I have been very lucky with China Post. Everything has come in 10-14 days (shipping time). I don't know if everyone uses registered, but it seems to come faster and takes less time in customs. I do not know why that is. I have been sticking to CNQG, and now that tabao buying agent. Of course they do not control shipping, but the registered stuff seems to get through fast. I remember two packages that weren't registered took 4-6 weeks.

Today dinodirect processed several of my pending orders - as if they read this forum a lot :slight_smile:

I got a parcel today. 14 days from China. Still waiting on 10 x3100 pano’s