Anything wrong with using unprotected cells in a TN31, TN30, BTU Shocker, TK75, or a SkyRay King?

I'm having a hard time figuring out if there are any issues when using unprotected cells in the flashlights I listed. I am currently using TrustFire 3000mah (Flames) and I think they are limiting the performance of my high-end lights.

I have a DMM and monitor my cell voltages already. So I was wondering if I should just switch to unprotected. I only use my lights for short periods at a time and I usually put them on a charger when they reach ~3.4v.

As long as you don’t run the batteries right down and they are balanced (holds charge similarily after 24 hours) check them before putting them on the charger, if one is draining substantially more it may have a lower internal resistance.

As long as you are already monitoring them and are used to it there is nothing wrong with it. I actually prefer the unprotected cells and have no issue a tall with them as long as they are run singly or in parallel. For series lights I'd rather run protected just to be safe. ;)

Are these still the best bang for the buck?

I like their discharge curve compared to high mah batteries. I would really like to get these but I cannot afford to buy 20 of them.

I mostly use unprotected LG and Panasonic cells harvested from laptop battery packs. No problems, so far - yet, I do not run them down (not anymore, that is -I’ve learned my lesson).

JohnnyMac has already said everything which would be important.

The unprotected Pana PD 2900’s are at FT for a reasonable price. I just landed six of them and they all have a tested capacity of 2600mAh at 1A discharge to 3.0V.
I put them in my BTU (4.5A) and in a 2x18650 ZY-T08 MT-G2 mod (5.8A). They seem to do the job.
As far as protected go, I mostly use unprotected and have little experience with protected cells. I only have them for gifting/loaning and in some lights that don’t have low battery warnings.

I use unprotected cells most of the time and they work great. some lights have connection problems because the unprotected cells are usually shorter though.

Maybe I'm overly cautious but I'd never run unprotected Li-Ion cells in series - period.

And I know this is BLF and not CPF but I'm having a hard time understanding why anyone would shell out the necessary for high quality, high output lights like the TN30 or BTU Shocker and then feed them with ****fires or laptop pulls.

Could be just me.........

Do you really need to buy all 20 right away?

I was wondering the same thing myself to be honest…

I don’t use unprotected cells myself, but I can see two reasons why people would want them.

  1. Higher currents
  2. Cheaper

For better cells, they do have higher currents because there is no protection circuit to trip. The Panasonic NCR18650PD protection circuit trips at 7A, which is still very high, but nowhere near the amps it can reach without a protection pcb. Unprotected, it can reach 15A. Not to mention protected NCR18650PDs are around $30 a pair, while unprotected are just $14 a pair.

Laptop pulls are not dangerous as long as one takes precaution and shows respect. Sure, they’re not fool-resistant like properly protected li-ions, but they are a good source for quality power. (I’m not saying that protected li-ions are fool proof though. :D)

I like it

I initially wrote fool proof but realized that it wasn’t very accurate. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

I have TrustFire 3000mah batteries because based on most of the tests I've seen they perform similar to a Sanyo 2600mah battery.

I believe most of mine do but some are inconsistent. I also don't think they can handle 3+amp flashlights very well.

I really would like to order 20 of them because I like to have batteries in the lights I use frequently. I would realistically need about 30 including my EDC, P60s, and C8 sized lights. However, most of those lights wouldn't benefit from a 10a battery.

How much are you buying these for?
Because the Panasonic NCR18650As are 3100mAh at $14 a pair, probably cheaper if you buy 10 pairs.

$12.71 per pair for 5 or more pairs at Fasttech

Oh, the price has come down then. Maybe I’ll buy a few more…

EDIT: you linked the unprotected batteries. For protected batteries it’s $1 more:

The only thing I am afraid of with all of the Fasttech protected batteries is the additional clear casing making them too large in diameter.

Or is that common amongst all brands and I am just noticing it because the casing is clear?

Very true, cuz that's what the OP seemed to be looking for.