Anyway to Fix/Repair E-Cig Batteries ??

Ego-T type 400-1500mAh Batteries

Does anyone know if there’s a way to repair/fix these type of batteries

or is the repair/fix worth the effort/trouble ? :open_mouth:

What’s wrong with them?

> what’s wrong with them?
Where do you want to start?

How about Google?
eGO 1100 mAH vs 1300 mAH: FastTech Forums › Community › Forums › Vapers
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1100 mAh batteries have been opened and found to contain 900 mAh cores

and they’re advertised currently (ba-dump) as on “blowout sale”

I’d recommend eye protection, a metal box, and storage outdoors for these little bombs.

ehm, why would any1 want to bother with cells like these, let alone fix them?

I LOLled

There’s somebody giving them away and he states that on some of the batteries that
1—Switch maybe bad_2—Some have switch & wires disconnected from battery
and __3—bad batts in others. For some reason , I was just checking to find out if
anything simple could be done with them. I also understand these things can be just
like IED’s.—meaning Improvised Explosive Devices ! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Its really not worth to fix them
Just get something like this and use 18650s and be happy

I’v decided not to even bother with these free e-cig giveaway
batteries. Too much of a problem and really too little of any
type of return for them. Plus , they can be really too dangerous.
Thanks to everyone for your input. :GRADE: :beer:

those things were junk new.recycle.
some of the usb chargers for those are scary.had one brought into the shop that got hot.was reading 4.6v
charger was at 4.97.
yikes!sold her a mech mod,25r,and an i4.
worked much better too.

This poor guy found out about the hard way…

IED in pocket