Apollo AP-1 Tactical Flashlight

Apollo AP-1 Tactical Flashlight
by Cybernetic Research Labs

This is a Kickstarter project for a 3-mode/single cell (18650) light.

1000 lumens! The brightest... tactical flashlight out there!


If you read the comments… a good number of backers have no idea what kind of battery it takes:

Some of these folks might find they’re playing with fire (literally). The creator of the Kickstarter should offer a bit of battery education.

seems like a lucrative way to introduce the uninitiated to 18650s who may still want a baton-sized flashlight with a crenelated bezel!

outdated emitter, ledil boom reflector, nanjg 105c with a poor mode choice, why buy this over an xintd or a convoy?

I’m english, my question stands

Epic fail.

11kcd, 650m... Hmm.. Something doesn't match. Maybe they meant 110kcd? Out from 22mm reflector? No way.

Also 910lm OTF from single old XM-L U2 would require more than 3A => not full 1h run time.

Is there a way we could report this lying and/or ignorant guy?

I found a report button but I’m not sure if they’ll listen to us.

I don’t use Kickstarter, but I think that you can make comments. I remember awhile ago, when I was googling, that I saw some comments from Calvin from IS, probably way before there was an IS, on another Kickstarter project.

people like that should not be allowed out of their padded cells, let alone let loose with something as dangerous as a li ion cell, what did he think would happen trying to bend a half inch bar in a clamp down hobby vice?

Nanjg 105C driver (wtf?)
High/med/low/strobe/SOS. (wow)
XML instead of XML2 (it hasn’t even started production, and they start with the outdated emitter)

All for the low, low price of $150.

Wtf? Are they deluded? For $150 I can get nearly 4 SRKs (23kcd and 2250 lumens each, so 92kcd, 9000 lumens), or a TN31 (130kcd, 1300 lumens), K40 (~100kcd).

Look at the backers’ comments.

And what’s with the recommendation of the veteran? No disrespect intended, but who would go to a relatively older person for advice on a modern torch - it’s such a vast difference to what they were used to, everything would impress them.

I guess it’s just another group of people trying to break into the ‘high-power flashlight craze’ with little to no information, but have skills in marketing and successfully sell these things to the unenlightened. Just look at the spec sheet, they just throw all this pointless information at you, but to people who don’t know any better they assume it makes the light ‘more awesome!!’

HOW HAS THIS BEEN FUNDED 7 TIMES OVER THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT?! I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

Who wants to help those poor backers get their money back?

Although I’m sure Kickstarter doesn’t care how much of a scammer he is just as long as they get their flashlights…

If you pledge at least $1, you can comment and then tell everyone to ask for a refund. It is just an overpriced piece of junk in all honesty. Link them here and I’ll make an extensive list for all of them for alternatives.

Anyway, I typed in ‘flashlight’ in the search bar and came up with this project from last year. He pretty much scammed like everyone there, and again this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about (albeit this Apollo light has an actual reflector). Comments for the other project seen here.

I’m only vaguely familiar with Kickstarter, but was perusing “projects”.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s kind of amazing that people are willing to throw money at some of these?

Eww, I don’t want to spend any money on this guy. I guess I’ll how to write an email directly to kick starter itself.

Yeah, Kickstarter is a place where people can develop their projects by getting funding. Some turn out to be successful and others become scams. Unfortunately, not all of the people who backed by the project know the true intentions of the project starter.

Kickstarter has really cracked down on questionable/shady projects.
You can’t just sit in front of a USB cam, and talk about your “vision” for a cool project that doesn’t even exist in a rough form, meanwhile making sure your cute girlfriend is on camera to help sucker people in (well… you can still have the cute girlfriend, but you have to have something substantial to show or they won’t approve the project).

I like Kickstarter, and have backed a lot of different projects; but I’m also careful about the reputation/reliability of the creators.

There are lots of great projects… but like all things in life; “Caveat Emptor” is good advice.

i was curious why he thought a small vice like that would like having a 3lbs hammer beating on that half inch bar... i was kind of hoping he would stab himself in the gut on that fractured cast iron

exactly, it was obvious it would fail regardless of who made it, simply because nothing that size is ever designed to take that sort of abuse, I more hoped he’d spear through the extension lead behind the vice and get a good old single phase kick in the arse tbh.

What a stupid knuckle dragging nose picking idiot. I’m not saying that most stuff made in China isn’t garbage. Most of it is. But did you see the size of that little ass vise and how much force/leverage he put on it to make it break. I’d say it held up pretty well.