Apple Watch... Is anyone actually buying this?

18hr battery life and 350$US?
Replace in 2 years after the battery life goes down to 12hr runtime…

Aluminum casing and rubber band only for that price…

Replace in several months, when you realize that it’s useless
or if it’s not useless for you
replace in several months, because Apple Watch S comes out…

I find smartwatches useless - but if somebody thinks that he needs one - it’s not my money.

Just think about how many Convoy C8 you could buy for that 1099$ Stainless-Steel version…

I carrying a selfwinding mechanical watch. I have nothing more to add to the subject :slight_smile:

Some will buy it just because it’s made by Apple.

But I do think it will integrate well with existing products, thanks to Apple’s tight ecosystem.

I carry a $2 chinese watch just to see how much mileage I get out of it. In two months I think it paid for itself.

I got my wife a Pebble on the first day they were available. She loves it and says it does everything she could ask for. It is simple, has long battery life and the display is on all the time.
I told her last September that I would get an Apple Watch for her when they come out. She, so far, is resisting.
We shall see.

Ok, it’s not exactly a smartwatch. But it does allow me to store phone numbers, which has saved me out of a pickle several times. And it has a 10 year battery life. Not 10 hours, not even 10 days. 10 years. I’ve warn a Casio digital watch on my wrist for decades, and I don’t plan to switch any time soon.

Seems like an iWatch would be a downgrade.

How can they make a watch that dies faster than your phone? Really just a gimmick.

They say the “Edition” version is for celebrities and rich folks.
I say all editions (sport, edition or standard) are for idiot sheep. Sorry for the harsh words, but come on.

For a lot apple people/fan boy types, it could have a $350 price tag, have a 18 minute battery life,the need to replace the battery every 2 days with a new one, after the battery life goes down to 2 minutes runtime

Have a casing made of cardboard and cheese

And they’d still happily que up to buy it :bigsmile:

Can it run windows?

If I had money to burn…

I'm not sure I see the appeal of this watch. I mean what it can it do? Integrate with apps to track movement for health purposes? There are already tons of dedicated devices for that.

I also don't see the appeal of checking email, or reading a text message from the tiny watch screen.

Much like google glass I expect this watch to fail. It's a product in search of a demand, and that demand just isn't there.

i doubt it but it can go through windows :smiley:

This is a genuinley cool digital watch:

Given that it only will see use for 2-3 years (after that it will technology wise be ancient) the Apple Watch is horribly expensive. I think it will sell reasonably well anyway.

Why would you pay this over-inflated price. just apple being apple.

No, but it’s a matter of time before they get NetBSD running on it. :wink:

What for?! :~
This is just another useless hipster nonsense gadget.

…but i’m sure, there will be enough brainwashed nerds camping in front of some A**le stores to be the first who gets ripped off! $)

Not even if you paid for it.

If Steve Wozniak gave me an autographed one, I’d YouTube it coming out of the North end of a Southbound pit bull. At least that would be entertaining.

And I’m the guy who rocked the Casio Calculator Watch back in college, and lusted after the too-expensive Timex model…

Fool me once…

Nope….not gonna get it…wouldn’t be prudent.

I wonder if it has the hardware requirements for windows 1.0