"AR" Coated Lens Upgrades

This week I’ve been busy upgrading some of my lights with AR coated lenses. The cost to get an additional 5%8% OTF lumens hasn’t been cheap to say the least, and I doubt you can see the difference with only your eyes, but a lux meter certainly can see the difference. Only the Torchlite have I taken lux readings with the new lens. Stock lens 475 lux, AR lens - 502 lux.

Most of what I’ve purchased was from this company at this link:

The AR lens for the Home Depot Defiant 3C was purchased from an Ebay seller who has recently joined us
as BLF member, Phil356-993, and is working on acquiring new stock. Phil also pointed me in the direction of Edmund Optics. Thank you Phil.

I still have a few other LED lights to upgrade, but here is what has been upgraded thus far:

Left to Right - Torchlite MT-G2 Custom, DRY Turbo, Digital Projector Spotlight, SkyRay KING, Defiant “Super Thrower” 3C

Some of the lenses may be slightly less diameter than the original lens, but make no difference. Although, the lens I used for the SR King is ever so slightly loose, but nothing an O-ring won’t fix. The following part numbers are what I’ve purchased for my lights:

Window 2” Dia. 3mm Thickness, AR Coating Stock No. #46-100 (Torchlite, DRY, SR King)
Window 4” Dia. Size 3mm Thickness, AR Coating Stock No. #46-104 (Digital Projector Spotlight)

I wonder if polishing it to get rid of any scratches would make any difference in lux readings? Mine sure scratches easily if you don’t clean it with some type of liquid applied first regardless of how soft the cloth is. How do I know? lol

By the same token there are optical grade plastic type lenses made too. The advantage with plastic type materials is significant weight savings which on a light of that size and length you will definitely feel the difference at the end of that 64mm head.

Thanks for the info Richie. That’s a nice looking collection of “AR converted” lights. Those lens are so clear, it almost looks like they have no lens.

Thanks IM, that’s the double sided “AR” coating for you. No reflections and makes taking photos a breeze. I wanted to get one for my Vector POB HID, but that size AR lens is just to expensive right now. But eventually I’ll get one for it.

Hi Nottawhackjob, I don’t know for sure, but I’d say polishing may remove more of the AR coating and make it worse. I try really hard not to touch the lenses or at least use a cotton glove or something. But the one thing that gets me more than anything else is looking at the light at an angle when illuminated and seeing loads of dust particles on the inside of the reflector and lens.

Typically, I carefully rinse them in the sink and then use my compressor to air dry them thoroughly and quickly reassemble the light. Nothing like a super clean and dust free reflector and lens.

Hey Richie, what's up bud? I see you've been busy :) BTW, Check out the movie The Mole People from 1956. It features Huge Beaumont from Leave It To Beaver. BTW, there's good use of a flashlight in this one....

Hey Glenn, always great to see you stop by. I’ll check the movie out tonight. Funny with some of these old horror movies, I can’t tell you how may times I can pick out some of my antique lights being used in these movies. Pretty cool. I really need to start a thread for the old lights I have on display. I really need to make time to do that.

a maglite ucl will work for the sr king with an oring to fill the gap

im still looking for

hd2010 ucl
tr-j12 ucl


Thanks for the tip. I’m also looking for the same thing for my HD-2010 and TR-J12. If you come up with anything, please let us know. Oh, and my Skyray 9x T6 too :bigsmile:

might seem like a trivial upgrade … but on a 4000-4500 lumen trj12 (kd boost driver) an 8% increase is ~300 to 350 lm lol

If you are going to buy more AR lenses you should check http://www.flashlightlens.com
Seems to be a lot cheaper than Edmund but maybe less to choose from.

Hhhmmm. I got a UCL/p, I believe, in my HD2010. Think Flashlightlens.com only had the plastic in the size at that time - it fits, works well. Usually you get about 5%, for $5-$6 for 5%, well yep - a bit pricey, but my HD2010 is doing over 1300 lumens, and in the 90's kcd - no dedoming.

Thanks for all the great tips and suggestion guys. I’ll have to inquire again at Flashlightlens.com. In the past, if I wanted a certain size lens and they didn’t have it, which was typical, they never offered to make it for me. Perhaps I’ll have to ask next time.

As for purchasing at Edmund Optics, below are a couple of photos of how they arrive. Their shipping and packaging is exemplary. I received my order in less than 24 hrs after placing the order. UPS tracking information was sent minutes after the purchase, and the package was out for delivery by morning. Nice to see something of this quality made and shipped from the USA.

They are packaged in a cloth sleeve, then slipped into a foam sleeve, then into paper sleeve. They are then shipped in
a bubble envelope.

How they appear when removed. Each coated side is protected with a blue vinyl protection film that needs to be peeled off.
Try not to get your finger prints all over it if possible. Shown is a 3” Dia. 3mm Thickness, AR coated lens. I must have had a brain lapse when measuring and thought this would work for my Skyray 9x T6 light. The diameter was a bit to large, but I have another use for it.

Are these plastic or glass?

Hi Ma_sha, these are glass.

KaiDomain has always been a good source of common AR lens sizes. I have a bunch from them in my P60 hosts.

Kaidomain was supposed to send me 28mm, I got a 29mm.
Used a lot of time solving the issue. I got a replacement (since I ordered something else) and that too was the wrong size despite that they claimed to measure it. NOT IMPRESSED!
I have 4 verniers (2 digital), 3 rulers, and 2 flashlights that says they shipped me the wrong lens, twice! Customer support is not impressive.

I would recommend someone to do a product request to fasttech for more AR coated lenses…

I’m looking at buying a 42mm lens from fastech, which is less then $2 and claims 99% transmittance, is it likely to be legit or a waste of money and time?

I would certainly take a chance getting it from Fasttech. Maybe see if anyone else has ordered it to confirm it is AR coated and double sided. I wanted that one too, but don’t have a light that requires that exact size.


Any details on that, Digital Projector Spotlight?