arc-aaa led upgrade.anyone do this yet?

my arc-aaa first cpf edition has become very dim and blue.led is beat.comes from lots of tent nightlight duty.iirc arc runs the led around i should not be surprised it degraded.
want to fix/upgrade it but i hear its potted.and this light is one of a kind.
wish i had a beat up one to practice has anyone succeded in a led replacement?

The most useful thread I’ve found How to get Arc AAA gut out? | Candle Power Flashlight Forum

Arc Flashlight: Miscellaneous Accessories and Specials has the empty tube, empty head, and several different emitters for hobbyists.

A fellow over at CPF some years ago was improving the Arc AAAs, making them a 2-mode light. Searching on “Millermods” might find that info.
I’ve carried one in my wallet forever, still completely reliable, still running its first Energizer lithium primary cell.
It’s been invaluable in a few blackouts.