Arctic Silver thermal compound and epoxy for cheaps on Jab-tech (US)

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It looks like Jab-tech is closing it’s doors after being in business for well over a decade. Most of their inventory is gone now, but they still have some good deals on some Arctic Silver branded compounds like the 25 gram tubes of Ceramique 2 paste for $2 or their epoxies for $1.20/$2.20. Here’s a link.

I was going to jump on this but they want $31 to ship to Canada.

Shipping is a little steep but not outrageous the thermal adhesive s are at great prices thanks for the info.

Place any orders? Or did I just spend money on the proverbial golden goose egg?

I ended up splurging on about ten of these fans and a couple of AS epoxy tubes. Be careful with the shipping by the way! I noticed that the shipping calculator liked to default to one of the more expensive carriers.

For what its worth, shipping to my Dad’s place in NY would be $3 even for one 25G tube of Ceramique, and $4.12 for two tubes. Not the best deal in the world considering that Amazon has them for under $8 shipped if you have prime, but you still end up saving a buck or two. The better deal here would be the thermal epoxy considering it’s selling for about $15 on both Amazon and Newegg.


I think is selling the same Ceramique 2 25g tubes for about $13 after shipping. Canada computers also had a stupid clearance sale for the stuff where they were selling it for $1.88 a while ago. If you happen to be near their downtown Toronto store, their website says they still have one (!!!) left in stock there.

I should probably add that while I do trust the store and have placed dozens of orders with them, I’d still err on the side of caution and pay with Paypal considering that they’re going out of business.

Yeh looks like they’ve got a default $42 to ship even a feather overseas.

Not surprising they’re going out of business. Asked them about postal cost and they said “can’t change how much postal service charges to ship half way round the world”. Well no you can’t, but if you don’t ship a feather in a casket it won’t cost more than it should!!

I ordered 4 tubes (3 7g epoxy and 1 25g creamique) and shipping was only $3.58, you guys may be able to save money on shipping by splitting up larger orders.

Gonna take 10 years worth of paste to break even on $40 shipping!

I have a tone of tubes of Shin-Etsu X23-7762 and but i prefer indigo extreme.(computer nerd)

What was your measured difference using S-E vs AS5 assuming ambient was the same? I see a big difference in cost so curious if you measured.

I have repasted over 6 laptops, AS5 vs ICD7 vs stock TIM: with a 2-3C deviation over stock compound so looking for honest opinions on the Japanease TIM.


Anyone else got and of the epoxy yet? how hard is your part B stuff? Mine’s pretty bad.

I do remember the batch that I got from Newegg was pretty thick, almost like putty, but it was still mixable. I’ll be able to test the stuff I got from Jab-tech this weekend when I visit my Dad’s place.

I had to jabb a toothpick down in there and stir it to even get it out. I noticed a lot of some sort of oily substance had pecipitaded out of it and was inside the bag each set of 2 tubes came in.

That’s doesn’t sound good :~ . I’ve heard of old stock separating like that over a long period of time. Has anyone else received theirs and tested this? I’ll put a warning in the OP in the meantime.

They refunded my money.

For what, the product being bad or never shipping / canceling your order? I wonder if I can get my money back, or 3 more, or compound instead, haven’t contacted them yet cause figured nothing would come from it.

I didn’t contact them, and they gave no explanation. I can only presume that the products are out of stock or the shipping department is closed.

And got mine today,2 tubes of25g artic siver ashesive and 2 each 7 grams of thermal compou d (grease)dod 10.000 and change delivered

What was the condition of the B-part?