Are my li-ion cells crap?

All my 4.2V rechargeables are from laptop pulls: 4 Samsung “2.4Ah” and 6 “2.4Ah” Sanyo cells that I originally deemed ‘good’ from 3 laptop batteries. They accepted 2100-2300mAh charges a year ago and have seen regular use since. Their voltages stabilize at 4.14-4.17V after some sitting around. Under a 1A load, a fully charged cell’s voltage will immediately drop to 3.84-3.91V. Is that acceptable/expected/normal/safe?

Convince me to buy new cells.

As my memory serves, most of my cells while discharging at 1A, voltage drops to 3.9V or lower.

Perfectly acceptable, even a brand new one will drop a good bit.

(From HKJ)

just to make an echo, completely fine - all the single cells I’ve tested (new or salvaged) drop to 3.8-3.9V under 1A load.

You need to immediately buy 10 new cells. :wink:

Nowt wrong with your cells.


Maybe he needs to buy 10 GOOD cells
hehe… They come in x10 bulk too… real GOOD quality… Just check the label :wink:

Yeah, the GOOD cells are made by the NOTSO company.