Are there any girls in BLF ?

I mean the girls who love flashlights, are there any girls you know is flashaholic here ?

There’s a handful of them that are known, I’m sure there are more than we know though

I’m not a flashaholic!!! 0:)

Chloe, you know so much about flashlights and knives that you know more than most of the guys here. You use carry & them too! I can’t help but wonder if you are not a guy pretending to be a gal. If not then you are the flat out coolest woman ever!

Am officially requesting a pic of you as proof. :bigsmile: :p

I’m sure she’s a woman. I got the sense. 0:)

Thanks, Johnny! No, well, I don’t carry knives (the Victorinox Classic is really one of the only knives I carry; most people here are very afraid of knives, and our laws leave a lot to interpretation, so I don’t feel comfortable carrying anything else).

But I don’t want to post a picture. I’m really insecure about how I look. :_(

Oh, me too. I was just fishing for a pic from Chloe. :wink:

That’s okay, Chloe. I understand and respect that but I will say you are safe around us and we are very protective of our Chloe! :wink:

don’t worry, from now on we can officially name the forum as an assembly for cataholics instead :slight_smile: (chasing around lasers etc etc)

I am a cataholic! :love:

:bigsmile: I am not a girl, i am a real man , old man

The girl in your avatar is pretty! Who is she?

And I got the sense that this cat is a girl either. 0:)

my sweet-heart

I’m a lesbian, trapped in a mans body :open_mouth:

I’m a kitten, trapped in a hoomins body. Stupid hoomin body. >.<

You are amazing guys! :bigsmile:

so which ones you then chloe? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess the one on the right

Borderline “politically-incorrect”…

i must admit, i’ve had chloe’s photo saved on my pc for sometime =)

oh wait, are you saying that’s not you in the sig? >_<