Are there any girls in BLF ?

nope, completely factually correct, I enjoy tye company of females, I am in fact, trapped in a mans body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Neither is me. I don’t have opposable thumbs, so I can’t take selfies. :_(


My wife is coming around to lights, a little. Recently, she blinded a co-worker in self defense when she tried to snatch her tank007 LOL! :smiley:

Not so into the knives [yet] though. There are a couple in her car, but not in the purse [yet].

WHy carry a knife when you can carry a gun? :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew there was something different about you! (Does your wife know?) :)


she might have noticed Gary, maybe……

That sounds really difficult, Gords. :S Do you have anyone you can talk to about it?

do my other four personalities count? I’m not talking to the fith one as he’s a sexist pig.

Sounds like he’s really mean!!

I don’t see any politics here :open_mouth:

I am a Canis lupus irremotus trapped in an old man's body. Being a human is an insult and must have been a punishment of some kind.

Workin on that too… she’s still resisting shooting so I don’t push too hard.

haha lmao Gords wow how did we end up on this topic well since we are headed in different direction any one suggests whers to look for some 4-6” locking bladse foe general hunting use with a decent blade I can resharpen knivea easly I have 2different systems that habe worked over 20 years just that now almost a domestic brands Buck some Kershaws are Chinese made now so thank you for any decent sitesLJ

Microtech or Protech.

My soul cries out to be free

Of this body in which it is trapped

It wants nothing more than to flee

the constaints with which it has been strapped

Oh to be one with the sea

or the beaches with waves it has lapped

to see all that there is to see

the whole spring of knowledge untapped

to travel to infinity

and all other places unmapped

to experience eternity

and in Earth's loving arms gently wrapped

This thread is too much. Lights, knives, cats, poetry, a lesbian……

Anyone know how to make egg flower soup? I got some last night that was fantastic and need to make it! It had peas and carrots and egg, but the broth…Ahhhh ancient chinese secret :party:

I cry like a little girl when I get hurt. Does that count?

Are Red John and Moriarty the same person?

Was that broth crema sumyunguy?

No……Just no.