are these batts safe together ?

I have a few 18650 keeppower protected, eneloop pro’s and some lithium energizers.
are these safe to be placed together In a fire resistant kind of small bag ok?.


I store all my LiIon cells, NiMH cells, regular alkaline cells, etc in a metal cabinet, but in that cabinet I have then separated on different shelves, and stored in plastic battery storage containers.

I would probably put a bit of tape on each end of each cell or use separate little zip lock bags or something for each cell. Putting cells loose in anything scares me.

someone mentioned to me, storing them all together is ok and separating them all is pretty just too Anal.
nothing will happen.


Every light has batteries in it, and is ready for action. Rule of thumb: lights > AAA get Li-ion batteries.
The remaining batteries ( I don’t buy them per piece) I keep in plastic storage containers (2pc or 4pc).
And these containers are spooning in a drawer.

As long as nothing shorts out you can throw them all in a ziplock. BUT, if they are jumbled and you do get a short (nick in the casing cover, some get cross-wise, etc), you may not like the result.

The term OCD is preferred to anal…… :wink: