Are you getting bored lately?


I ended up being quite a bit bored with flashlights lately. Nothing really new coming out that would particularly interest me. A few cheap ebay zoomies were refreshing but usually in budget corners is about lookig for the 100x revamped designs. Rarely something really good pop's out. Emitters are just the usual, a ton of POS drivers around and spinoff of like 10 types of flashlight bodies. Creativity is lacking. If so, why they just don't do better quality budget products if creativity is poor if any at all?

We want_

- better drivers

- HA anodization

- nice reflectors

- coated lenses

- good machining

- square threads

- matched o-rings

Price can go up 20% for all those features.

What do you guys think?

I am a little bit bored. I look at my collection of budget lights and think If I didn't buy those 10 I could have bought one really nice light but then again what would be the fun in that. My wife asked me how many lights have I bought. I said guess. She said more than 50 ( wow close, I think its more). I laughed it off and said probably 20. Damn! I am going to have to find a new hidey hole.

Yes there are far to many rebranded ultrafire Trustfire etc.

When they do come with better designs the price goes to the next level and competing with expensive brands, but do they offer the quality?

Also the drivers and lens are usually poor quality.

anodization - is very thin on most budget lights

I just find that I have a light for every task and enough batteries etc to last me for a week of blackouts..I just really have no need for more lights at the moment..even my brief stint into knives was short lived after 2 enlan's and a enough knives now too..hard to keep the interest after 20 bright ass lights..oh well it's game season (xbox 360) so cash has another place to go..

Oh man... I started the "So much crap" thread and pretty much got chastised for admitting my displeasure for the recent stock of "budget" flashlights, haha.

I got lucky or perhaps i used a better choice of words. I'll try with a lottery ticket next. If i win i might get a dodge viper V12 to kill the boredom. Might be fun.

I'm fine with trapezoid threads also, I just prefer my threads anodized.

Bored? Hardly! I went out today and found a new brand: Superfire


no-name round chinese LED like in the dinodung special

AA batteries, no matter the diameter of that particular model

Cheap plastic thumbswitch behind the head

Bliss! (also, I found that ultrafire released a RL-188 w/XML)

hey that 8$ light had a genuine cree p4 in it! ;)

I was spending about $100 a month on lights, buying 4 or 5 $15-25 lights.

Lately I've been spending about the same, but only buying 2 or 3 lights. Gives you some more interesting options...

I would advise you to take a little break from flashlight forums....worked for me!

Or you can try and collect a segment of lights, like every small AA flashlight you can find.

Like with any addiction, what fueled you yesterday won't get you very far now. So either find a niche to fuel your addiction or "rehab" yourself.

Good luck my flashaholic brother...

Oh but i do, i was away for almost 1 month occasionally. But keep lurking around anyway. I have not much time for this hobby but i manage to keep in tune with trends. Nothing really new bore me. I wish company's such as DX, KD and others would stock more DIY material...

I recieved today my order from LCK-LED (7x Q5 XR-E in 16mm star) and 5 tir optics 15 degree fro osrams. I actually recieved 8 of them. Either he messed up or was just kind enough. It did look it was intentional as 5 wer clipped together and then another 3 were just added in the bag. The tir's are exquisite for those warm osrams at 1usd i bought time ago. A really beautifull beam! Problem is i have trouble fitting them into various lights. :/ Only a few, but those who do are really really nice. Around 150 lumens at 1A does not seem much but the color and beam compensates very nicely. Highly reccomeded

The osrams are truly nice but all of the 15!!! are slightly off center. Minimally but enough to get pissed if installing into a p60 pill with almost zero chances of tweking it. A OP reflector takes care of it but a SMO is very unforgiving. :/

I’ve been bored with it too lately, I figured I’d try a jetbeam bc10 for my bday but took some work to get it working properly, threads a little rough, switch has long throw and kinda rough too so I oiled the switch too with air tool oil. much better now, thinking of doing an r5 with ter2 body which takes p60s, or getting the uf860l with magnetic ring, looks like mid to high budget seems more appealing lately.

I am bored with flashlight. So bored that there is no urge to buy some more, maybe a new tech on LED will freshen up a bit who knows but i am already moved on to another hobby. I am sure I'll be back again with collecting flashlight but not anytime soon maybe a year at least.

I started experimenting with XPGs again, only so much you can do with an XML. I don't see a revolutionary replacement for the XML in the near future, I have started playing with the U2s since the price finally came down, but they aren't significantly different from the T6, so yeah it is kind of boring at the moment.

Maybe we need to get creative with HOW we use our varied flashlights ;)

"I would advise you to take a little break from flashlight forums....worked for me!" -fishmaniac

I'm glad it worked for you. All I accomplished after a few months hiatus is cultivated an even stronger desire for more/different lights that leaves me anxious and pissed off if I think about long enough.


Yeah... this was ~$4 from a street vendor. I'm sure the box was worth more than the LED.

lol that light was amazing for the 18 seconds it worked!

I'm fed up with noticeable PWM for med and low modes in budget lights.