Are you happy that Lumatic won't be posting anymore?

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Are you happy that Lumatic won't be posting anymore? - Off-topic Chatter -

All in good fun. :smiley:

what happened :d? think i missed something

Nothing to see here… :bigsmile:

If you bash Lumatic and ignore his comment thread, you might win a prize from him. :smiley:

:party: 0:)

His post is crazy long, my attention span just ain’t what it used to be LOL
Maybe Lumatic will find his way onto this thread after he twitches from not posting for another few days.

I bet he blows before January, if he’s as impulsive as a flashaholic as I am, he’ll post soon as something arrives in the mail :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant believe someone made a thread about someone who left because he was not mature enough to hear for and against arguments. o well…

I went to that thread you linked to. It is nuts. I want 10 minutes of my life back for having to read it. I would also like 5 minutes of my life back for this thread that has to do with the other thread.

I come here to waste some free time but that is taking it too far.

^^^ This. Couldn't agree more.

Prolly should have been a 4th choice, prolly. :wink:

Unless I am mistaken, this is just a reprieve and a way for him to hang onto a member of his hoard for a while longer. Likely his wifey told him to put away the busy box and visit the family for a bit. :frowning:

I appreciate his thick skin an ability to tolerate abuse. :slight_smile:

I appreciate his enthusiasm. :~

He talks to much. :star:

The fact that he isn’t posting doesn’t indicate that he isn’t reading so I shouldn’t speak of him in the 3rd person. Sorry Lumatic. 0:)

I wonder how it ends… :santa:

Who is lumatic? :cowboy_hat_face:

Some lunatic who is turned on by the number 15.

He’s a character , I like characters, they make the world more interesting. I’m missing lumatic, he is at least interesting, thus is a bit much for the sake of handing me one of 15 Jacob a60’s though…. :bigsmile:

The only point of the thread is to try and kill the other one. :slight_smile:

Ya know… I went to his thread n decided it’s gooood “sleepy time material”! BTW, he’s crazy! And it makes me tired just thinking of the mental focus he’s got to have just to hold the line. We’re not worthy folks!

Oh to have this much time spare!!!

Is it a rule of some sort ? 2492 only 508 posts to 3000 ...

Hmmm 3000 ... ???

can’t vote? is he gone like RecycledElectrons. Hope he comes back on with another zerg account hit 9,999 and do another zerg account.

lol. talk about a backfire. i smell a giveaway soon. :party: